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Robredo is the President’s Constitutional Successor but Not his Choice


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Du30 made it clear that Vice President Leni Robredo is the only constitutional presidential successor. This is why he continues to work harder despite the rumored bad health because he’s not confident with her. In reality, Robredo is next in line until the recount of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest overturns her VP election victory.

Youtube video from; PolitikoTV Channel
[VIDEO]: Kaya sasabihin ko sa inyo na may problema rin tayong isa, because there is a pretender to the throne, assuming that I die within… maybe tomorrow, next year o next month. There are two claimants to the presidency – ang isa,

Constitutional Successor Depends on Electoral Protest

There are two claimants to the presidency for the time being. It’s only Robredo who is the legitimate constitutional successor to the presidency. However, Bongbong Marcos contested this in an electoral protest against her. If he wins, he can take over the VP post, therefore, he’s next in line to the presidency.

Recount Delays Cleared Out by SC

The people criticize the Supreme Court that it allows Robredo’s delaying tactics. Everyone was shocked when it announces during the electoral protest that all motions for considerations will be set aside to allow the recount process to manifest at once. This left Robredo’s camp to just whine through the mainstream media that the recount cannot proceed yet because they still have pending motions.

Not the President’s Choice

In one of the President’s speeches, he clarified that it is not his intention to hold on to the throne. He then asked. To whom Will I leave the conflict in Mindanao? To Robredo? He need not say more. It is obvious that he does not trust her for delicate tasks such as this one that greatly involves national security.

Pray for the Likely Successor

The President at one time urges his detractors to pray that he can die soon. That is the only way for Robredo to take his place. Nevertheless, it’s a race between the prayers of the Marcos loyalists against Robredo’s supporters. May the Almighty’s choice of leader for the Philippines wins.

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