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Robredo-Marcos Presidential Performance Rating: Mixed Up vs Precise


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo must have burned tremendously after her UN fiasco that she tries to play safe with her comments. This time, it is obvious how mixed up she is in rating the performance of the president. Meanwhile, her arch-rival to the Vice Presidential throne is very precise on why he gives an 8 out of the 10 score to the President. He hails him for his abrupt actions in the Marawi siege, the realigning of foreign policies and his dedication to the drug war campaign.

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[VIDEO]: Halos P53-M ang naipamigay na tulong ng Office of the Vice President. Higit 22,000 na pamilya raw ang nakinabang dito.

No Grade for the President

Vice President Leni Robredo refuses to grade President Du30’s first year in office. She said that his administration had some achievements and shortcomings like her office. “It’s unfair for me to give the President a grade. For me, there are a lot of good things done but there are also shortcomings”, she said.


Robredo is quick though to talk about the government’s shortcomings. She said that current efforts would not be effective because of the extremity of the countries problems. The government’s shortcomings are natural. “Given all the needs of our countrymen, even the most diligent of officials, even if they give all the help they can, all this will never be enough,’ there goes her poverty mentality. It is very simple. Extreme problems need extreme solutions and that is what the president is doing.

Going Against the President

The President-VP relationship was shaken during their first year in office. The President even hesitated to give her a position in the Cabinet because he does not want to hurt Bongbong Marcos whom he considers as his real VP. Robredo still faces Marcos’ electoral protest. It is estimated that a recount can happen in October at the rate it is going.

Impeachment Threats

Both faced impeachment threats in their first year in office. Although the president’s impeachment complaints are just considered a nuisance, she is the target of the House Speaker who uses the Congress to try to impeach her. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is also in the line of the VP succession together with the Senate President, Koko Pimentel. So, by impeaching her, he’s also blocking the chance of his own rival, Bongbong Marcos to claim his VP seat.

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