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Robredo Misleads People on EJK – Vows to Fight the President and Bongbong Marcos on Social Media


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President’a sympathy to Vice President Robredo diminishes as she continues to go against him. She leads the cry on misleading anti-judicial killings accusations. That seems to put him responsible for them. She made her stand known during the reunion of former seminarians in Tagaytay recently. She found like-minded people on the said call against the administration

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Naniniwala si Vice-President Leni Robredo na kung mas marami ang umalma agad, maaaring mas mababa pa sana ang bilang ng mga biktima ng extrajudicial killings sa gitna ng war on drugs ng pamahalaan.

Social Media Fight is On

Robredo admits that their social media strategy did not work. They announce earlier to ignore bashers. However, it escalates and she now vows to correct them. Therefore, a social media fight is on. It is interesting if her keyboard warriors can silence the anti-Robredo online defenders of the President and of course her rival, Bongbong Marcos.

The President’s Reverse Psychology

Digong’s response to the CBCP’s letter expressing their concern over EJK is firm and precise after he denies involvement with extra-judicial killings. Those who refuse to believe him can go to heaven. Otherwise, go with him to hell. This is a reverse psychology that only people with wisdom can get.

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Earlier Cry

Robredo regrets that if she knows earlier that she has many allies from the CBCP, she should have made the cry earlier. Not now that there are allegedly around 7,000 deaths already. Of course, like during the Marcos’ days, this is exaggerated. However, she is confident that it’s not too late yet. So, more criticisms can be expected from her especially after the one year ban of Bongbong Marcos in May.

Anti-Criminal Strategy

The president masters the anti-crime strategy when he was a mayor in Davao. He intimidates criminals through tough threats. This does not mean that he ordered the questionable killings. There are findings that the criminals take advantage of the Oplan Tokhang Operation – the reason he suspends it and let PDEA handles that for the time being. There is definitely check and balance in the operation thus resulting in its suspension if Robredo is intelligent enough to analyze that.



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