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Robredo Not Delaying Marcos Electoral Protest? A Total Lie – See Proofs


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Time and again, the camp of Leni Robredo denies imposing delaying tactics on Marcos’ electoral protest against her. They even accused Bongbong Marcos of delaying the process himself. If they really do not intend to delay the process, why would they submit a motion for consideration for four issues in just a week’s time after their non-payment for the ordered first tranche of the deposit?

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Records show that the camp of Leni Robredo lied when they denied that they are not delaying Marcos’ electoral protest.

Four Issues in the Motion Received by Marcos from Robredo

On 20 April 2017, Bongbong Marcos receives a Motion of Robredo wherein she asks the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to dismiss Marcos’ protests to:

  1. annul election results in the 34 municipalities of Lanao del Sur
  2. annul election results in the 35 municipalities of Maguindanao
  3. verify election results in the 8 municipalities of Basilan
  4. revise and recount ballots in the cities and municipalities where there are no Affidavits secured.


Marcos made it a point to comply with the 21 March 2017 Resolution of the PET by depositing the amount of Php 36,023,000.00 with the Clerk of Court on 17 April 2017. Robredo, however, chose not to comply with the PET Order and did not deposit the required P8 M for her counter-protest.

Sufficient in Form and Substance

It can be recalled that the PET had already ruled that BBMs’election protest was “sufficient in form and substance.” Not just once but on two separate occasions: 1st on 12 July 2016 when the PET resolved to issue the Summons against Robredo; and
for the second time on 24 January 2017 when the PET, in a Resolution, denied the special and affirmative defenses of Robredo. Macalintal clearly lied when he said that they are still waiting for PET to distinguish that Marcos’ electoral protest aginst Robredo has a basis.

A Matter of Media Talks

Robredo’s camp is very much inclined into promulgating confusion through their media interviews. They know that this is an effective method to delay justice because most people do not bother to verify the news. However, since she already lost her credibility and already is a subject of hatred among Filipinos, it’s up to the Supreme Court to issue decisions on the following:

  •  to issue a Retrieval Order and
  •  to issue a Notice of Preliminary Conference [per undertaking.

May God help them.

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