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Robredo Respects Duterte’s Rule of Law Assertion

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo might have many opposing views – given that they belong to opposing political parties but they seem to be finding reasons to get along for the common good of the people. V.P. Leni still hopes that the President will be fair in his judgment when it comes to what to do to her – thinking that he makes it a point to uphold rule of law in everything that he do and promoting women’s rights is one of his many achievements in the public service arena. She vowed to give full support to the Duterte administration for as long as her public interest or service principles as lawyer and advocacy for women’s rights will not be compromised.

She continued that the only way our president to be successful in reaching his goals is for all of us to be supportive on all his efforts. Not by always agreeing with him but by explaining to the concerned member of his team why other perspective will be more appropriate when dealing with a situation. In such a way, his visions can travel to different dimensions thus expanding his capabilities. Helping our president to succeed will also be our success in the end; added Robredo.

Life certainly continues while waiting for Bongbong Marcos’s next move – with regards to a possible electoral fraud committed allegedly by Leni’s Liberal Party just for her to bag the Vice Presidency – beating a very popular political name.


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