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Robredo is Riding on the De Lima-Trillanes Show to Destroy PDU30-Bongbong Marcos Alliance


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV are certain that the President is determined to silence his greatest critic, D Lima with trumped-up charges. He evades Trillanes’ accusations of illicit wealth by allegedly denying the latter’s access to his and his family’s bank accounts. The President in return also asserts that Senator De Lima is evading justice for her involvement in drug trafficking at the New Bilibid Prisons when she was justice secretary. Senator Trillanes also brings back baseless claims of non-existent bank funds just for media frenzy as a cover up to De Lima’s bad plight. VP Leni Robredo never fails to defend both stars of the political show.

Youtube video by; Dan NewsTV
[VIDEO]: VP Robredo, sinabing maituturing na political persecution ang nangyayari kay Sen. De Lima

Trillanes’ Bluffs

Senator Trillanes must file charges at the Office of the Ombudsman if he is convinced that the bank records he has are legitimate. He can also let the Anti-Money Laundering Council support his claim.if there are anomalies.The President already instructs AMLC to probe his accounts. Meanwhile, Trillanes opt for the media to publicize anything that can destroy the president. This is as he goes along using people. Even the church is not spared for his big lies.

Media Propaganda

Legal experts know that as for investigations in aid of impeachment, Trillanes’s accusations don’t qualify. An official cannot be impeached for such alleged offenses committed before he took office. The very reason why this libelous senator is going to media. It always works for news networks to air anything that Trillanes says. They cannot be liable for libel because it’s the guy who’s responsible for it and not the station. People are always drawn to tune in those media especially when it’s about a popular president. In short, they allow Trillanes to use them for their own gain and not for the truth.

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VP Leni Robredo on Political Persecution

Senator De Lima stirs public and media anticipation for her arrest. She calls herself the president’s first political prisoner. This is another bluff since it is a judge whom Senator De Lima must convince over her denial on three drug-trafficking charges filed at the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court by the Department of Justice. Her supporters blame the president for injustice. She constantly portrays herself as an innocent victim of political persecution for her role in opposing the killings in the administration’s anti-drug war. VP Leni Robredo comes to her rescue by expounding her story through media interviews.

Robredo’s Goal is to Break the PDu30-Bongbong Marcos Alliance

Under the firm order of Pnoy before PDu30 replaces him as publicized in various media, the Liberal Party members are inclined to block Bongbong Marcos in gaining a position in the executive office. The PDu30-Marcos alliance is the party’s greatest threat nowadays. This is why they are screaming on top of their lungs that the president is allegedly corrupt, human rights violator, murderer, and dictator like the late Marcos. The truth is, both presidents are the real defender of the Filipino people against the oligarchs that the LP supported.

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