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Why Robredo, Sereno, Ramos are Afraid of Nationwide Martial Law?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno who is an appointee of former President Noynoy Aquino refers to the martial law abuses in 1972 as Marcos’ sins. It is unbelievable that she won’t know that Fidel Ramos was the head of the Philippine Constabulary at that time who should be responsible for the accusations.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Dating Pangulong Ramos, nagbabala sa masamang epekto sa ekonomiya ng Martial Law

Nationwide Implementation

The President placed Mindanao under martial law after extremists inspired by theISIS rampaged through the predominantly Muslim city of Marawi. He then warns that he might impose martial law in the Visayas and the rest of the country so save it from terrorism. This made Robredo, Ramos, and Sereno react to his disclosure.

Robredo’s Take

Robredo seeks assurances from the administration that military rule would not be used to orchestrate a Marcos-style dictatorship. She supports martial law to suppress terrorist threats in Mindanao but sees no reason to expand it to the Visayas and Luzon. Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her is still ongoing. Its preliminary conference is set in motion on June 21.

Ramos’s Stand

Ramos was one of the implementors of martial law during the Marcos regime. He only broke away from the late president when he sensed that he can be in trouble. Later, he joined the EDSA Revolution. He opposed spreading the military rule to other parts of the country and suggests to confine its coverage. Unfortunately, given his direct involvement in martial law abuses and blame it to Marcos instead of taking responsibility made him a less likely credible person to advise the president on this issue.

Power of the Supreme Court

Sereno’s call to the Filipinos to be vigilant not to repeat the alleged abuses that characterized military rule under Marcos is confusing. Under the constitution, the supreme court has the power to validate its implementation. She can actually halt it if is abused. So, why are these anti-Marcos politicians so afraid of making it nationwide? Perhaps, they do not want people to know that it has more good than bad that will definitely make Bongbong Marcos the best presidential bet in 2022.