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Robredo Still Doesn’t Know the President and Sees Injustice in his Recent Joke to Soldiers


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo is noted to be shallow when dealing with national issues. Recently, she again displays his slowness in getting the hang of his boss’s personality.Robredo thinks that blunting the rape jokes in his speech to soldiers is an injustice. Perhaps, fear comes over her that military abuses are likely when Du30 playfully said that if they commit three counts of rape, he is still responsible for it under martial law.

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[VIDEO]: Ayon naman kay VP Leni Robredo, may masamang epekto ang birong ito ng Pangulo.

License to Rape

Robredo assumes that the soldiers have minds like her. She said; “It is an injustice to our soldiers that what’s being implied is because it is martial law. They are already thinking, or that they have the license, to commit a crime as heinous as rape.” This is in response to the media that seeks her comment on the joke that the President made before troops recently.

Taking Responsibility

The President assures soldiers that he backs them up if they are accused of human rights abuses under martial law. He jokes that they can rape up to three women and he claims responsibility for them. They are busted only on the fourth attempt. Knowing that this is a joke, uproar of laughter occurs from the crowd. This angers his detractors including Robredo.

Robredo Cries Injustice

The President’s joking about rape “does not help” the present security situation, Robredo added. She wants it her way and wishes that the president uses this time to reassure the people that abuses do not happen. To review, the Liberal Party used the accusations of military abuses against the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. They even attempted to strip him of his rights to be buried in the soldier’s cemetery. Since its name is Heroes cemetery, they detest that people perceive him as the real hero.

Pure Heart

LP members are known to have many hang-ups in their political life. This is why they can never understand the nature of the president. It is also possible that they are just looking for faults and magnetize them for the international community to escalate. It is just so unfortunate for them that PDU30 is a popular president. He is also well-loved by most Filipinos because of the pureness of his heart.

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