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Robredo Tells Supreme Court: Dismiss Bongbong Marcos’ Protest if 3 Pilot Areas Fail


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Despite not being able to pay the second tranche of her counter-protest fee on time, the camp of VP Leni Robredo has the nerve to tell the Supreme Court to dismiss Bongbong Marcos’ protest if the 3 pilot provinces for the recount fail to overturn her victory. In fact, this is the rule and Marcos’ camp announces it several times.

Youtube video from; DZRH News Television

Macalintal Dictatorship

Robredo’s counsel Atty. Romulo Macalintal pushes the idea to dismiss Marcos’ protest. This is if the pilot areas fail to overturn her victory. The counter-protest ballot boxes are only due for collection when Marcos is successful in showing the discrepancy. This is already explained by Marcos’ spokesperson, Vic Rodriguez.

Deferred Payment

Robredo’s motion to extend the deadline for payment was submitted to PET. It says that they should pay until there is an initial determination that Marcos has proven a “substantial recovery in his pilot provinces. They are Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.

Payment After Substantial Recovery

Robredo asks that the second installment of her cash deposit in the amount of P 7,439,000 is due only after Protestant Marcos has made a substantial recovery from his three chosen pilot provinces. If this is granted, the term “deposit” is not applicable anymore.

Tell it to the Marines, Not to the Supreme Court

Robredo clarifies that the motion does not intend to delay the case but is simply a compliance with the PET’s order. So, they are like saying that the PET did not know what it’s doing for ordering it in the first place. If Robredo’s lawyers are so good, why are their motion for reconsiderations set aside to give way to the immediate recount?

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