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Why does Robredo’s Lawyer Sardillo Only Stresses on One Supreme Court Concern Over Marcos’ Protest?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo only concentrates on one issue after the preliminary conference which is the concern of some Supreme Court justices that other officials might be affected with the first part of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest. She specifically mentioned that the President must step down if Marcos wins the protest. Is this an indication that they are already working on crises management when Marcos gets a favorable verdict from the Supreme Court after the initial recount?

Youtube video from; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Interview with VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer Beng Sardillo after preliminary conference brief on the election protest.

Supreme Court Justices’ Concern

Some Supreme Court justices raise the integral concern on the first part of Marcos’ electoral protest. Sardillo said that his win cannot surgically remove the doubt from the rest. She even emphasizes on the President. The Presidency shares the same certificate of canvas with the vice presidency post, she added.

Junked Motions

In the interview, there was no mention about Robredo’s junked motions. This is where she seeks to dismiss the poll protest. Other motions include the clarification for Marcos to shoulder the expenses by Comelec. These are all set aside after the recount. The Supreme Court orders both camps to limit witnesses to 3 per precinct.

Efforts of the Supreme Court

Robredo’s counsel also misses on the efforts of the Supreme Court to resolve the issue faster. Marcos’ camp is even grateful for their explanation that delays happen because this is the first electoral protest of its nature and they do not have the template yet on how to handle it efficiently and quickly. This shows that maybe Robredo’s Camp does not want urgent resolution for this case.

Recount Preparation

Marcos is also thankful to the Supreme Court Justices that they themselves are also interested to see the case resolved at the soonest possible time through the recount. Sardillo can only say that nothing is resolved during the preliminary conference. This is understandable because most decisions are in favor of Marcos. Therefore, it is evident that no truth that ever e expected from Robredo’s Camp. They are quite selective when it comes to public announcements.

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