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Rock Star and Astronaut?: Get to know the Real Bongbong Marcos behind his Father’s Shadow

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Do you know that Bongbong Marcos is a Rock Star and Astronaut wannabe? Get to know the real Bongbong Marcos and not the man behind the allegations against his father that prove to be unfounded – at least most of those allegations were not true. However, media propaganda has poisoned the minds of many.

Youtube video by: Balitang Maharlika

[VIDEO]: Know Bongbong Marcos’s political platforms in agriculture, infrastructure, livelihood, economic and OFW concerns when he gains back the Vice Presidency.


Development of rice farming is highlighted because Filipinos are major rice eaters and this should not be importers. It really makes a lot of sense. Nothing can be added to that.

High Cost of Living

Increase supply and not the demand because if the demand is high with no supply, commodities will be very expensive. This is a very basic logic that most Filipinos must be aware of.


Overseas contract workers must be protected in and outside of the country because they contribute greatly to our economy. Marcos headed the investigation on the “Tanim Bala” incident and urged airport authorities to apologize to the OFWs.

Role Model for STEM

In today’s world, the progress of a country relies on the ability to nurture STEM manpower. These are workers that have science, technology, engineering and math skills. Marcos who wanted to be an astronaut in the first place has the right balance. Being a genius in logical thinking, he also likes to be a rock star. That would neutralize his technical mind with the harmony in music. He is quite the role model for modern Filipinos.

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