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Is Russia Provoking the US because of their Nuclear Capability?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
According to Washington post: In the early morning of June 6, a uniformed Russian Federal Security Service or FSB guard stationed outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow attacked and beat up a U.S. diplomat who was trying to enter the compound, according to four U.S. officials who were briefed on the incident. This previously unreported attack occurred just steps from the entrance to the U.S. Embassy complex, which is located in the Presnensky District in Moscow’s city center. The diplomat suffered a broken shoulder. He was eventually able to enter the embassy and was then flown out of Russia to receive urgent medical attention.

The attack caused a diplomatic episode behind the scenes that has not surfaced until now. The State Department in Washington called in Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak to complain about the incident, an administration official said. The motive for the attack remains unclear. One U.S. official also said that the diplomat was seeking refuge in the embassy complex to avoid being detained by the Russian intelligence services. A different U.S. official confirmed that the diplomat may have been working as a spy in Russia under what was known as a diplomatic cover, which means he was pretending to be a State Department employee.

Spokesmen for the both the State Department and the CIA declined to comment on the incident or whether or not the diplomat was in fact an undercover U.S. spy. Is there truth on speculations that the Russians are provoking the Americans to show that they are superior because of the alleged nuclear capability?


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