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Russia-US Tension visible at Warship Maneuver

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The U.S. and Russia just had a near-miss encounter at sea with their warships displaying tension towards each other.

The Inquirer reported: Washington and Moscow on Tuesday accused each other of conducting dangerous maritime maneuvers after two warships sailed closely past each other in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this month. Russia’s defense ministry said the USS Gravely, an American destroyer, crossed the path of the Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry on June 17, coming “dangerously close.”
The US Navy committed a “gross violation of international rules on the prevention of collisions at sea,” violating a maritime agreement signed by the US and Soviet authorities in 1972, Moscow said.

It continued: A US defense official later gave a completely different account, saying the Russian ship had deliberately maneuvered to approach the USS Gravely. The Russian frigate had also displayed an international sign showing her maneuverability to be restricted when she first positioned herself about two miles (three kilometers) from the Gravely, the official said.

Whoever may be at fault, only one thing is clear – there’s tension between these two forces. Can this be related with the South China Sea conflict where the U.S. pledged allegiance to the Philippines and perhaps Russia with China?

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