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Sabah Claim: Malaysia Wants to Help for Mindanao Peace? Return Sabah!

Sabah claim

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
To this date, real Filipinos still cry over the massacre of the sultanate’s men who were murdered in Lahad Datu who just want to return to their homeland and get it back from the Malaysians. Former President Benigno Aquino III cannot be forgiven for his neglecting them and favored the Malaysians instead. Now, Malaysian officials offer to help for peace efforts in Mindanao that they caused? Just return Sabah and everything will be fine.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: More than 40 years ago Ninoy Aquino exposed the military strategy of President Ferdinand Marcos to invade Sabah under codename ‘Operation Merdeka’ that gave way for the Malaysians to invade Sabah creating chaos in Mindanao.

What a Show

The Malaysian deputy defense minister stopped by the central committee of the MILF headed by first vice- chairman Ghazali Jaafar in Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat in Maguindanao. It is where Malaysian officials discuss with their MILF counterpart on how to improve security and development aspect in Mindanao. After the camp visit, he visits the grand mosque in Barangay Kalanganan, Cotabato City where he gives assistance to 30 orphans in the Shariff Kabunsuan Orphanage.

Aquino Ignores Sultanate’s Plea

Benigno Aquino III asked for the sultan’s forces to surrender during their suicide attack at Lahad Datu. He said that he considered the welfare of the larger number of Filipinos that would be affected by sultan’s actions. Therefore, he did not try so hard to negotiate in saving the men’s lives. In short, he allowed them to be killed by the Malaysian troopers.

The Aquinos are Traitors

Ninoy Aquino started the betrayal to the country for financial assistance from Malaysia to topple the Marcos regime. He discloses the Merdeka operation of Marcos to get back Sabah. His wife Cory Aquino also negotiates with the Royal Sultanate to drop the claim but she was not successful.

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The Filipino People Have Enough of the Delayed Sabah Claim

Why do Filipinos need the Malaysians help to attain peace in Mindanao when they cause the chaos? Filipinos are dislocated. Families are separated. The real owners are deported from their own home – and worst, killed when they return. This opened the eyes of many Filipinos that then president Noynoy is an idiot! Real Filipinos still cry over this even at present – and are vigilant to President Rodrigo Duterte’s moves for the Sabah claim with the wisdom of Bongbong Marcos.

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