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Sabah under Malaysia: Never the intention of Bornean Founders, Jambun

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Daniel John Jambun, head of the UK-based Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (Bopim), attested that Sabah and Sarawak to be part of Malaysia cannot be determined by all the legal documents deriving from the Malaya federation only. History must not be revised based on collective amnesia of political rulers driven by greed. An international body like the United nations must take a stand on this matter to settle the dispute.

Human rights advocate, Jambun said that in 1976, Sabah and Sarawak under Article 1 were declared as the 12th and 13th states in the Malayan Federation or Malaysia today. “This was not the Intention of the Founding Fathers in Borneo.”

As documented by Free Malaysia Today publication, Jambun at one instance even wrote to the Queen in England urging Her Majesty to hold a Royal Inquiry and Review on the exact nature and circumstances under which the British withdrew from Borneo. The Queen replied that her Foreign Secretary would respond on the matter. However, the Foreign Secretary threw cold water on the proposal. Jambun didn’t pursue with a Judicial Review against the Foreign Secretary virtually rejecting the proposal.


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