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Sabah Snap Election Coincides with Lahad Datu – When Bongbong Marcos’ Call to Protect the Sultanate was Ignored by Aquino


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

A snap election in Sabah as early as April this year might be happening. BN chairman Prime Minister Najib Razak allegedly gives the nod for the proposal but some reports said that he denies that. It can only be undertaken if there’s a threat of terror attacks.  It is remembered that the sovereign heir of Sabah, the Sultanate of Sulu launched a standoff in 2013 in Lahad Datu. 235 men of the Royal army were in conflict with the Malaysian military that started from 11 February 2013 and ended on 24 March 2013. 

Youtube video by; Astro Awani
[VIDEO] To discuss further on this possible snap state election in Sabah, Arthur Joseph Kurup, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) Deputy President.

Filipinos are Disappointed with the Lahad Datu Aftermath

Bong Bong Marcos calls on the Aquino administration to “protect” first the sultanate. The sultan of Sulu and his people are Filipino citizens and the government must protect them. The country’s claim over Sabah can follow after the safe return of the people from the Royal Sultanate of Sulu, he suggested. The president then, Noynoy Aquino or Pnoy favored the Malaysians instead that led to the massacre of the Sultanate’s men.

Sabah Leaders are Paranoid with the Lahad Datu Incident

The reigning political party in Sabah cannot win more seats if they have snap elections earlier than scheduled. This may have something to do with their paranoia that the Lahad Datu incident happens again. The sultanate might fail in returning home to their own Sabah – but they are successful in warning the Malaysian invaders that they will not stop in claiming their land back.

Pnoy must be Prosecuted

Pnoy’s father Ninoy Aquino is hailed as a Malaysian hero for revealing the plan of the late President Ferdinand E Marcos to prepare trained army troops for the Sabah claim. It is called Operation Merdeka. The son also sacrificed the lives of his people just to please the Malaysians. He has lost his right to be president of the Philippines by feeding those Filipino men to their killers and captors.

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The Sultanate Did not Forget: Sabah Claim Continues

How can the sultanate forget the aftermath of the Lahad Datu encounter? Every day of their lives, they only dream of returning home. The Sabah claim is always on. The intensity just depends on the actions of the present and future presidents. President Duterte vows to continue the claim but nurtures bilateral relationship first. Filipinos are more hopeful to get the fulfilment of their quest when Bongbong Marcos becomes president.

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