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Save “Mga Batang Hamog”: Not just from Abnormal Pain in Children but from Premature Death


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
“Mga Batang Hamog” are gangs of neglected children. They are known to are known to attack vehicles stuck in traffic. Their favorite spot is in Guadalupe in Makati.  Society detests them but they are still unfortunate children of the Philippines.

[VIDEO]: Here are the dangerous activities of neglected children. Aside from endangering others, they themselves do not expect to live longer, It’s about surviving day to day for them.

Modus Operandi

The group’s modus operandi consist of sending a member to knock on the window of an unsuspecting driver while another child opens the car door on the other side, according to the report. Authorities warn drivers never to step out of the vehicle.

Department of Social Welfare and Development

Makati police apprehended several children aged 7-12 who are part of the street gang. They were not jailed. They were instead turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development because there were minors. Abnormal pain in children is nothing for them. They need to be rescued for better living.

Desperate for the Loot

Even locked cars are not safe as the group resorts to another scheme — shaking the car until the driver steps out. With the car door left open, another member proceeds to loot whatever is inside the vehicle. The group is known to strike during the rush hour traffic in the morning and in the evening.

Help Needed: Not just from Abnormal Pain in Children but from Premature Death

CCTV cameras can monitor further activities. But is there a plan to save them  not just from abnormal pain in Children but from premature death? They strive to survive daily. It is about time to keep them in a home that would nurture them for the future. This is a plea to the Makati local government.

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