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Saycon of Binay Brigade: The President Never Surrenders any Territory Including Panatag Shoal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In his reply to the president’s challenge to lead the charge of Philippine troops against China, Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano mocks him back by saying that he is willing to do it but only if he will lend him his Jet Ski to ride to battle. It is recalled that in one of Du30’s campaign speeches, he promised to defend Panatag Shoal from China’s invasion. Pastor Boy Saycon, however, defends the president’s statement on China’s might. He is just using his head on how to deal with the Chinses for the safety of the Filipino people. It’s never to surrender for PDu30 when it comes to Philippine sovereignty.

Youtube video by; Ph News Review
[VIDEO]: Alejano to Duterte: Pahiram ako ng jet ski, kinakalawang na kasi.

War with China?

PDu30 said in a press conference that he could not stop China from building a planned environmental monitoring station on Panatag Shoal. Beijing seized this part from the Philippines in 2012. “What do you want me to do, declare war against China? I can’t. We will lose all our military and policemen tomorrow and we will be a destroyed nation,” he said. Alejano responded to the president saying that “Du30’s stance is defeatist” exactly how China wanted the Philippines to feel.”

Never to Surrender Territories

Pastor Boy Saycon from the Binay Brigade Headquarters defends the President by saying that he is not surrendering any territory, shoal or undersea shelf or any body of water within the country’s territory and exclusive economic zones. Again let it be known that when American warships pass by the Philippine territorial waters and exclusive maritime zones, no one shouts. But when only a single Chinese ship passes by simply invoking and exercising freedom of navigation which all sovereign countries are entitled to, almost everybody hauls incessant protests. This issue has become a bullet for the yellow Liberals and Magdalo mercenaries to attack the president, Saycon explained.


Independent Foreign Policy

Saycon should know as the president’s territorial dispute adviser. Not just apologist for the President. To those who cannot understand, what the president is doing now is simply to try his best in adopting an independent foreign policy free from any dictate of any foreign power. May it be Russia, China, United States, Japan or the European Union as this is to the best national security interests of the nation, clarifies Saycon.

Cowards only Bark

Like in Magdalo’s previous mutiny, they only bark. This is also not different from what Trillanes is noted for. A bunch of cowards just want to make noises and create a scene to discredit political opponents. They never have the guts to face real battles let alone China. This is why Alejo can only mock the president but can’t really do anything beneficial to the country.

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