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SC Trashes Robredo’s Plea on COC Hearings and Strengthens Earlier Ruling In Marcos’ Favor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

SC’s PET strengthens it’s stand on their initial ruling that Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robreso is substantial in form and substances. It also trashes Robredo’s plea that congress should facilitate COC hearings and clarifies that the SC only has the jurisdiction in any COC questions for the VP and President posts. At the moment, the Marcos camp awaits for the preliminary conference confirmation to be able to set the timeline and agenda for hearings

Youtube video by; Eagle News
[VIDEO]: (Eagle News) — Pinagtibay ng Korte Suprema na umuupo bilang Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) ang nauna nitong deklarasyon na may sapat na porma at substansya ang election protest ni dating Senador Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos laban kay Vice President Leni Robredo.

Great Public Interest

The issue to determine the true winner in the vice-presidential election is a matter that is with great public interest for many reasons. The public at this point still does not have full confidence that the COMELEC delivers to the nation an accurate and fair account of the electoral to the people. The results do not just tally. There are many discrepancies in the breakdowns and reports in some areas of the country that trigger suspicions of fraud.

Next in Line to the Presidency

The position that is under contest is the vice-presidency of the country. Its possessor, once legal is next in line to the presidency. This particular issue of the vice-presidential contest is only at the back of alleged discussions on plots of destabilization against the PresidentDeuterate. The more people want to know who really is the real VP.

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The Legitimacy of the Vice Presidency, Marcos or Robredo?

The result of the electoral protest enables the nation to know if the truth is Bongbong Marcos’ claim, or that of Robredo’s. At the end, whoever is the true winner, the nation finally gains a real and legitimate vice-president. Not merely one who is a political prostitute that a political party uses.

Ready for Recount?

Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. Vic Rodriguez is confident that if Robredo’s Camp does not delay the process, once the preliminary conference dates and topics are final, they can proceed to the manual recount of the votes in disputed areas. That can take at least 180 days.

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