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Search and Rescue Dogs’ Loyalty to Owner: Heart-warming ambulance chase

search and rescue dogs

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Search and rescue dogs can be of any breeds. But people opt for large dog breeds for professional training. Take the case of Zander, the ambulance-chasing dog. He risks his life following his owner who was taken to the hospital for emergency reasons. Are you as loyal as your dog?

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In General Terms

search and rescue dogs


Dogs are loyal beings – that’s why they are referred to as man’s best friend. Aside from their inborn nature, they can also be trained properly to do tasks. They can be useful for home errands, security measures and basically search and rescue efforts.

Pit Bulls as Search and Rescue Dogs

search and rescue dogs

Pit Bull’s bad raps can turn into your advantage if you are a responsible owner. Their natural traits will work wonders. They are called nanny dogs. Their genuine hearts can lead them to find loved ones. This also includes familiar lost items. Its stout and sturdy physique can even make the task easier. They are fast and goal driven when guided through. You can also have some kind of protection when conducting search and rescue operations with your Pit Bull. How’s that for a Pit Bull being a search and rescue dog?

Rottweilers as Search and Rescue Dogs

search and rescue dogs

Rottweilers are already excellent guard dogs naturally speaking. How much more when trained properly? Like any other dogs, they can be aggressive and unruly. This energy can be turned into beneficial ones. Since they are active and intelligent, they are excellent as search and rescue dogs.

Responsible Ownership Counts a Lot

Dogs can never lie about their owners. Their behaviors show it. Dogs that attack are always mistreated. Not socialised and left with inadequate care. Everything that you gave to your dog, goes back to you.

Zander’s Chase

Zander the dog risks his life to chase the ambulance passing streams and broken roads. He knows something is wrong with its owner. He wants to make sure that he is there to protect him. He never leaves his side.

A Dog’s Loyalty is second to none

Do not underestimate dogs. They are far too loyal than human beings. They can defend their owners when attacked. So basic obedience training is a must for all dogs. Sometimes, they might misunderstand friendly aggressiveness by humans as hurtful to their owners. This is why they need to be exposed in the real world. Not just kept in the house as guards. Remember that humans make them be.

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