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See how Abby Binay use Lapel cameras to avoid Road Confrontations in Makati

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Lapel cameras can monitor interactions between traffic enforcers and motorists during apprehensions due to driving problems. This is the solution found by Makati Mayor Abby
Binay to promote transparency. Aside from the monitoring ability of Lapel cameras, they can also discourage both the cops and the motorists to be driven by their temper, knowing that the interaction is recorded.

“Often, it is difficult to rely on the testimony of either the enforcer or the apprehended motorist. Thus, we are tapping technology so that incidents involving MAPSA personnel can be well-documented,” Binay expressed this among the Makati City Development Council (MCDC) audience. This is their fist ever gathering since Mayor Abby won the Makati mayoralty.

She added by saying; “Our MAPSA enforcers are set for a makeover and re-imaging, being frontliners of the city government. We will not only change their uniform, but also focus on improving their work skills and people skills through intensive training.” This is in line with equipping the officers with the much needed technology to avoid brutal confrontations among others. This is another brilliant move of the Binay administration that must be implemented nationwide – if only the Philippine President is really dedicated to solving crimes and easing traffic problems aside from inciting killings for his war on drugs campaign.

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