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See how we can Prove that Rappler Uses Google to Malign the President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is very alarming that Rappler, a commercial media in the Philippines that promotes Leni Robredo through Google Adsense goes out of its way to malign the President of the Philippines using Google. It said on its Inside Track headline: Duterte dominates Google search results for ‘psychopath Philippines’

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Video shows how to check Google Searches for its monthly volume – it’s so far zero for the keyword: psychopath Philippines.

Rappler’s Challenge

Rappler said in an article with no author; “Google the words “psychopath Philippines” now. You’d be surprised that instead of country-specific information or data on the mental disorder, one name will dominate the first page of the search engine results – President Du30.” Obviously, the writer is not well-versed how the online system works – because the number of searches cannot be determined that way. Of course, when you are the creator of false news about the subject – when you google such topic, your creations emerge first because of search history captured in your system.

Google Search Tool

It is best to use Serps which is a free Search tool for Keywords. You can set the country, and add the keyword to get the monthly Google Search volume. It even gives you the Cost per Click value of the Keyword you’ve added. In our search in any country, there was zero volume – meaning the keyword; psychopath Philippines does not dominate searches via search engines at all. Let alone the name of the President coming up by doing such search.

Media Propaganda

Why is it necessary for Rappler to create a media propaganda that destroys the good name of the president and promote Robredo at the same time? Are they influencing the mindset of the people that the troubled Vice President can take his place?

Not just against Bongbong Marcos

The way it is going, Rappler is really out there to destroy the president and not just Bongbong Marcos. If this is the Liberal Party’s method of gaining back power, then sad to say it is too late for them to mastermind such moves. The people are more aware now of their motives and social media is so effective as the means for the people’s voice to be heard.