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See how LA Times’ not reporting Trump’s increased Black voters kept the race tight in US election polls

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Call Donald Trump a racist but current developments are still so fragile that poll results cam flip flop depending on what’s in the news that will definitely influence the public for their choices come national election in the US. Trump’s inspiring speech about Milwaukee riots on law and order was like making major appeal to black voters, which seemed to be effective increasing his votes among the Black voters from 5 percent to more than 14 percent.

However, LA Times did not make a big noise on their own poll results and will not be evident had not been picked up by NetRight Daily, Lifezette or Breitbart.

LA Times’ action of ignoring the news favorable to Trump specifically lessen Trump’s outreach efforts to black voters. It may have worked in Wisconsin but not multiplied to other states through the media.

“Donald Trump reaches out to African American voters, saying Democrats take black people for granted – that is very embarrassing;” according to him.

The LA Times might seem biased on their own USC poll but the daily results are published with the results of the last 6 days. So, to be fair with LA Times, they cannot be accused of hiding true results of the polls. They just did not highlight Trump’s advantage on that faithful August 16, 2016 when his increased rate with Black voters was noted.


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