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Self-driving Uber Car not at Fault in Arizona Crash – It is Resumed and can only Get Better

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Uber suspended its pilot program in the three cities after the Arizona crash last week. The Uber car was in self-driving mode at the time of the crash. The vehicles collided with a human-driven car, causing the autonomous vehicle to roll onto one side but there were no serious injuries.  Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL], however, puts its self-driving cars back on the road recently. It voices confidence in its autonomous vehicle program three days after the Arizona crash.

Youtube video by; ABC15 Arizona
[VIDEO]: The move comes after a self-driving car was involved in a crash in Tempe on Friday night. The Uber was NOT responsible and the other driver was cited.

Self-Driving Summit

Uber’s future depends greatly on solving self-driving. It’s what will keep the ride-hail company relevant as more automakers produce their own autonomous vehicles. But taking drivers out of the equation would also increase the company’s profits: Self-driving cars give Uber 100 percent of the fare, the company would no longer have to subsidize driver pay and the cars can run nearly 24 hours a day. Read more:

Self-Driving Uber Program Resumes

UBER’S FLEET OF self-driving cars is restarting testing today, after a high-speed crash on Friday evening in Tempe, Arizona flipped one of the company’s modified Volvo SUVs onto its side. The Uber was in self-driving mode at the time of the crash, with two engineers riding up front. Police say the other (human) driver caused the crash and was issued a citation for failure to yield while making a left turn. Here are some details:


Back on the Road

By the end of the day, Uber’s fleet of self-driving Volvo SUVs will be picking up and dropping off passengers in both Tempe and Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, a handful of the company’s autonomous vehicles will be roaming the streets of San Francisco collecting mapping data and operating in self-driving mode, but not giving any rides to passengers. (Uber recently caved to California’s demand to register its self-driving cars in the state after initially refusing to do so.) Here’s more:

As Autonomous Technology Improves so too will the Safety

The police report on the crash is expected soon but Detective Lily Duran of the Tempe Police Department said that the Uber vehicle was not at fault in the collision. Photos show a Volvo SUV flipped on its side after the collision involving two other, slightly damaged cars. Uber said the images are from the Tempe crash scene. There are no reported collisions involving the Uber self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. Experts in autonomous vehicles say that crashes with such cars will happen. But as autonomous technology improves, so too will the safety of everyone on the road.

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