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Why Does Senator Bam Aquino Assumes that Marcos Gold Reserves Were Stolen from the People?


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Elena Grace Flores

Senator Bam Aquino said; It’s just right that the Marcoses return their wealth to us because that’s the money of the Filipino people. It really should be returned, but the question is, how much of the money they stole will be returned to us? It should be the entire amount. He stresses that the gold reserves deposited by the late Ferdinand Marcos for the welfare of humanity at various international banks sanctioned by the World Bank were stolen by the Marcoses. He made it obvious that he has no knowledge at all on how they were acquired and how much the Philippine government can collect in taxes to own them.

YouTube Video by;  Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Senator Bam Aquino takes the opportunity to accuse the Marcoses of stealing the wealth for humanity and demanded its total return. This is despite the fact of not having the clue on how they were obtained.

Greedy Hontiveros

Senator Risa Hontiveros said the family’s wealth never belonged to them in the first place. “Saying that they are willing to return portions of the ill-gotten wealth means that they have it. And the wealth never belonged to them, to begin with. Generations of Filipinos who suffered deserve more than crumbs from the table,” Hontiveros said. The lady Senator refuses to acknowledge that the Marcoses are innocent until proven guilty. The surviving family members of the late President cannot even own the reserves. Let alone move them. Senators should investigate first before opening their mouth to save themselves from shame later on.

Dirty-Minded Pangilinan

Senator Francis Pangilinan also said that the intentions of the Marcoses should not be taken at face value. Aside from returning the ill-gotten wealth, the Marcoses should also apologize for atrocities committed during Martial Law, he said. Why would the Marcoses apologize to the people after their patriarch secured the said wealth for their welfare from corrupt politicians?

The President’s Call

The President said that the ousted president secured the wealth because he was just protecting it for the economy. Even his own family does not have the right to decide on what to do with them. This is why Imelda Marcos pleaded with the government since time immemorial for the Senate to study how they can be put to good use for the country.

Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

The news breaks when Bongbong Marcos urges the Supreme Court to order the retrieval of ballots from key provinces for the recount to take place immediately. This creates speculations that he’s bribing Du30 to interfere with the process. However, isn’t it the Senators’ job to find out the real score before judging anyone?

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