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Senator Manny Pacquiao Knows that He’s Not Du30’s Anointed Successor


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Elena Grace Flores

Any Presidential comment that would take away the possibility of Bongbong Marcos’ presidency is surely a hit with the mainstream media. First, Mayor Sara Du30, the President’s daughter once got the media headlines when her father said that she’s his most appropriate successor. Now, it’s Senator Manny Pacquiao whom the President said has the qualities of a good President. Nonetheless, those pronouncements cannot hide the fact that Du30 is close to his promise to give up his seat to Marcos once he wins the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo come February 2018.

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[VIDEO]: The boxing Senator did not even think that he is endorsed by the President. God dictates everything he does.

Pacquiao Inspires the People

The President said it was his pleasure to be a part of the celebration for another milestone in the Senator’s life. “You have brought so much pride and joy to our country for being the world champion in the field of boxing,” Du30 said. “The determination you have shown and the humility embodied in the glorious triumph are worthy of emulation. Continue to inspire as we lead them towards a more prosperous life,” Du30 added.

Boxing Senator is Presidentiable but NOT Du30’s Successor

Du30 said that Pacquiao is capable of becoming the country’s president. “I told him while we were alone, I want you to become president,” Du30 disclosed. Pacquiao is happy to hear the President’s high regards to him but he never thinks of them as endorsements. He is more keen on making his job as a Senator more worthwhile. It is earlier in the news that Pacquiao is fed up with politics. He trusts that God guides him what to do next.

A Minister more than Next President

As he recalls his life as an ordinary man roaming the streets of this city, Pacquiao can only mesmerize the kind of life he is having now. “I want to be an inspiration to everyone, especially the poor. Don’t be discouraged, because God has a plan for you,” Pacquiao said.

Bongbong Marcos’ Case Not Hidden from Pacquiao

Everyone knows about the President’s choice as his successor. He announces it in Beijing even. Pacquiao also ran under the banner of former Vice President Jejomar Binay and former Senator Gringo Honasan who are very noisy in their campaign for Marcos as VP even before the 2016 elections. The understanding is to make him President at the soonest possible time.

Future Presidency is NOT for Robredo but for Bongbong Marcos

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