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Senator Nancy Binay’s Human Rights Call on Police Arrests and Killings Ignored – What now?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Unlawful arrests, intolerant killings and poor families crying over their dead flooded social media after cops went on shooting spree as per the “shoot to kill” order of President Rodrigo Duterte that is supposed to be for self defense only escalated following the government’s tough campaign against illegal drugs.

The only woman who has the balls in the senate, Senator Nancy Binay already called the attention of law authorities to respect the human rights of the people especially the poor, women and children. With what’s going on, it seems that her pleas went to nowhere. A more stronger action is needed to prevent the martial law-like aftermath of this kind of government move. When the intention is good, it just did not justify the means. Good or bad, these alleged drug criminals are still the citizens of the Philippines and the government has the duty not just to protect the law-abiding citizens but also the unruly ones.

At this time of writing, we are still seeking for information on what Senator Binay would do next. She is definitely supporting the presidency of President Duterte but it is her advocacy to make sure that human rights are granted to the citizens of the Philippines. She got the senate seat because the Binay’s are noted for their human rights and public services principles like in Makati which is spearheaded by her father, Jejomar Binay that started way back when he was still mayor of Makati.


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