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Senator Tito Sotto: Is Robredo Admitting 2016 Election Fraud that Traces back to Oligarchy?

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Senator Tito Sotto insinuates that Vice President Leni Robredo seems to admit that she is one of the benefactors of 2016 election fraud. That was allegedly done digitally. He inquires on this after her defensive interview. Sotto says that he does not attack the VP. He just happens to have a credible source. The Senator does not want to disclose the identity of the witness but he or his lawyer is allegedly ready to take part in the hearing of the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms this April. It looks like the alleged digital fraud has some connections with the illegal drug trade and oligarchy.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Senator Tito Sotto asks the VP if she was one of the people who benefited from the anomalies, as he says that he was not attacking the VP. He adds that his source is credible and is ready to take part in the hearing of the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms this April.

Senator Sotto’s Expose

Senate Majority Floor Leader Senator Tito Sotto III said that 6 Liberal Party Candidates may have benefited from the irregularities during the 2016 elections. That includes the Presidential,  Vice Presidential, and 4 senatorial bets. The rest are still to be disclosed. Sotto dares an official of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to present proof that authorized the transmission of votes before the election day. This issue is consistent with the election protest of Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo.

The Marcoses are Happy with the Senate Inquiry

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos believes that the latest expose on alleged irregularities during the 2016 elections could strengthen the election protest of her brother, Bongbong Marcos, against the Vice President. She said that the family rejoices upon hearing the news of Soto’s expose. The governor is confident that the younger Marcos has a strong evidence to support his claim.

Other Sotto-Robredo Conflict

Senator Tito Sotto is not amenable to the proposed decriminalization of illegal drug use in the country. “Legalize drugs? Tell that to family victims of addicts and pushers. Only illegal drug users can think of that,” Sotto said. Vice President Leni Robredo reportedly floats the idea to allow drug use as an alternative to killing drug addicts.
Robredo said the government should look into the best practices of some countries such as Portugal that treats the drug problem as a health issue. It is, in fact, strengthened by laws on drug rehabilitation, she added.

Illegal Drugs, Election Fraud, and Oligarchy

President Rodrigo Du30 wages a war not only against illegal drugs but also against oligarchs whom he described as “monsters.” Du30 slams oligarchs who use their money and power to advance their own interests. Oligarchs benefit from mining and other natural resources with the help of their Western investors. All they do is influence peddling. This seems to be true even within the government itself. The Department of Energy seems to block Filipino explorers to continue with the deuterium extraction after they refuse to sell refined hydrogen fuel to foreign wholesalers. This is for the Cotabato and Sulu basins. The idea is to supply locally for Filipinos to experience very affordable energy. Thus, allowing prices of commodities to go down considerably. However, the oligarchs are doing everything in their powers to let the Westerners do the work. Then sell hydrogen fuel back to the country at a higher international rate.

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