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Share through Facebook: Plea for Missing Children in the Philippines

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Association for Missing Person in the Philippines is calling all Social Media users to help “share” Missing Children Announcements via Facebook. Losing a child is traumatic for families. Here’s what to do within 24 hours:

[VIDEO]: See how you can help find missing children in just one click.

Finding Loved Ones via Social Media

Facebook's millions of users worldwide can surely help in locating missing children. Families get back together because one familiarity can lead to another. The interactive functionality of the tool is also very helpful in real time.

What to do First when confronted with the Situation

First and foremost, make it a point to report to the police and baranagay first. This way, the record can guide you with possible leads. You will have professional help also from the authorities.

Let Family and Friends Know

Immediately let everyone in your vicinity know the disappearance of your child. The more peoplewho knows the problem can help in looking out for you. Friends will know people you don't know and your scope can get wider and wider if you conduct  a thorough information job.

Announce via Facebook

Post in your timeline the missing child or person annoucement. It is important to also join this group:

Many crime syndicates are waiting for opportunities to take advantage of missing childen. They can be forced into labor, abused and generally treat badly. There are reports that some of these children are taught how to beg, work at very young age and trained to snatch or do petty crimes. Help stop it at once by having the heart to share such announcements. Please do not hesitate.

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