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Sharon Cuneta Explains Wealth Inequality when Rich People Say they Have No Money


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Wealth inequality is the populace’s unequal distribution of assets. She explains that when rich people say they have no money, they can still spend for their needs and limited wants. Just don’t have enough for luxuries or extravagance. The clarification comes from her when concerned individuals start to check her out. This prompted her to post a clarification through her Facebook account on what she said earlier.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Sharon Cuneta, nilinaw na walang third party sa relasyon nila ni Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

What Cuneta Meant

Since many people are concerned that Sharon Cuneta does not have money anymore, she said; please understand that when wealthy people say they owe money and have no one to help them, all they mean is that they still have money to play their obligations. They can also afford to travel first class to the US for a break.  But just don’t have the money to buy their dream house in America for example. The Megastar shared this thought on her official Facebook page.

No One to Help Her

Cuneta mused that all she meant was she became smarter about what she buys now, and about the timing of things. She just wishes that her Dad is still around to help her. So, the speculations that her husband, Senator Kiko Pangilinan is falling short of her expectations do not fall in line here. She even dismisses the rumor of her husband having an affair with a fellow Liberal Party mate, Senator Riza Hontiveros.

Mid-Life Crises

Cuneta seems to be going through a normal phase in life called mid-life crises which should be between 35 to 58 years old. This is when depression bouts in when loved ones die or some changes happen in life – or no changes at all. She said that two people die on her in the last few weeks. Her favorite aunt is also sick. The filming of her Star Cinema movie is postponed to September. She also owes so much money on very good investments and not stupid ones. These might not be as bad as other people might experience but these changes can surely put a toll in a middle-aged person’s life.

The Poorest Billionaire is Still a Billionaire

I am probably the poorest, most cash-strapped billionaire you know, said Cuneta.  But in spite of that, she is still filthy rich. She is just going through a phase in her life same as other people. This only proves to show that a megastar is human after all. She just has to be on her own and focus her purpose in life which all people must do.