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Solgen: Marcos is a Hero to the Highest Order – If Martial Law VP is Buried at Libingan Why can’t his President?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Although there was no sitting vice-president under martial law, Vice President Arturo Tolentino was able to sit after the 1986 election when the Marcos-Arturo Tolentino ticket was proclaimed winners by the Batasang Pambansa. Tolentino is buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Solgen asks, if the Vice president can be buried there, why can’t his president. This only shows that those motivating to go against President Rodrigo Duterte’s Marcos burial approval are not into the laws of the land but are only concerned with personal interests.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Solicitor-general Jose Calida maintained the military records of former President Ferdinand Marcos are all based on verified accounts, but the counsel for the petitioners against the hero’s burial disputes this claim.

Solgen Backs the Legality of Marcos Burial

The military rules are being followed deliberately when it comes to the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. He is a president, most of all. Some of the country’s first ladies are even buried there too. Marcos is a soldier and his achievements are recorded in military references. No one can deny nor taint them with malicious speculations.

Does the Marcos Burial bring Unity?

The Marcos burial might not bring immediate unity to the country because critics will have to contemplate on it as per their responses. They are definitely led astray by the Marcos detractors. In spite of that, the majority of Filipinos will never allow the country to be dominated by those who already managed to destroy the government during the Edsa revolution.

UP’s Olation Run

It may be University’s Tradition to run naked to show the transparency of the government but linking it to Marcos’ burial is not only a big mistake but a sign of ignorance by the UP scholars. What good can come out from them if they are easily influenced by those ambitious politicians who will twist everything to gain power?

Follow the Filipino Record, and not the American Record

The records in the military locally that shows Marcos’s heroism including the medal of valor story that his suicidal tactic against the Japanese invasion in Bataan was indeed an act of heroism. Marcos is indeed a hero to the highest order according to the local military records and that cannot be erased.

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