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Sort of Honor killings unresolved as Extra-Judicial Killings Senate Hearings End

honor killings

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The killing of a relative perceived to have brought dishonor on the family is undertaken in some cultures. In the Philippines, murders happen when drug criminals kill people who know about their crimes related to the illegal drugs trade. The senate hearings end with a conclusion that it fails to implicate President Rodrigo Duterte.

[VIDEO]: Senator Richard Gordon clarifies that the senate failed to prove that President Rodrigo Duterte is involved in Extra-Judicial Killings – video shows the series of events.

CHR Witnesses not Allowed

Senator Leila de Lima was stunned when she learned that the Justice and Human Rights Committee would no longer hear the testimonies of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and its witnesses.

Senator Richard Gordon Justifies his Action

Gordon said he does not approve of the critical remarks of a CHR commissioner against him and the Senate inquiry on extrajudicial killings. But Gascon said the statement of a commissioner does not necessarily reflect that of the whole agency.

Death Penalty on Extra Judicial probe or honor killings?

De Lima again said she is unaware that the death penalty bill is a priority on the agenda over the extrajudicial killings probe. She then questions the procedure in discussing the bill.

Something fishy is going on here

“I raise a point or order and I want that decided on by the committee,” De Lima said. But no one among the members of the committee seconded her motion. “The case has no second motion so the motion is overruled,” Gordon said. It might favor the President but it is not good to see the obvious that many senators are biased. So much for the honor killings in the Philippines.

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