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Spoiled Russians still Fear Chinese Farmers Taking over their Land


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Good relations between Russians and Chinese now goes a long way that Chinese immigrants in Russia are now having the time of their life to make it big in the agriculture sector in their host country. So far, the Chinese’s industrious nature complemented the spoiled Russians when it comes to hard labor.

Li Chengbin, a 62-year-old Chinese peasant farmer was excited to share his story that if he farms his 82-acre stretch of land in China like what he’s doing in Russia, he could be the biggest farm producer back home. He added that his family only farmed less than 2 acres of land since there are as many as 300 million peasants farming the Chinese soil.

They also are very resourceful getting farm equipment from remnants of a defunct Soviet-era collective farm. The land that they are farming is leased from a Russian woman who is equally happy just to get rent money regularly without getting dirty.

Mr. Li cannot complain with the intense weather there in the summer and winter because it’s worst in China. However, he has to live with bugs like giant mosquitoes and swam hornets that are looking for the tractor heat.

The presence of Chinese farmers on Russian land in the Far East has stirred fear of a tricky Chinese takeover. It is a kind of perennial obsession that, despite good relations between the two countries’ leaders, still exercises

For now, the Chinese immigrants’ hard work has helped in Russia’s work force where men only want to drink more and work less.


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