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Steve Harvey Cannot Please Everybody for Correcting his Mistake on Miss Universe Colombia

Miss Universe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Steve Harvey’s mistake in announcing Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 made him the main target of ridicule in social media. Despite the suggested escape plan to fix the problem the following day over a press conference, Harvey insisted on correcting the wrong announcement 26 seconds after. He then unveils the real winner, Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines. It is an unbelievable moment of Wurtzbach – while at the same time puts tears on Ariadna Gutierrez’s eyes.

Youtube video by; SLiK
[VIDEO] Miss Universe Colombia contestant Ariadna Gutierrez mistakenly announced as the winner of Miss Universe.

Harvey’s Nostalgic Moment

It’s not all glory for Steve Harvey when Philippine’s Pia Wurtzbach who is vital for holding the Miss Universe pageant in the country supports for his return to host the 2017 competition.  This is despite references to his previous mishap. He came face to face with this year’s Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, as he calls her as one of the top 13 finalists.

Forgiven but not Forgotten

Harvey asks Tovar about his reputation in her country after the mishap. How do Colombians feel about Steve Harvey? Many people hate you, she responded then elaborated in her language. He joked that it sounds like a death threat. Although it is just along the lines of – truthfully so, many people hate you, but I love you, declares Miss Colombia who finishes as 2nd runner-up.

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The Miss Universe in Ariadna Gutierrez

All 86 contestants are women of substance in their own right. Like Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez who is just one step away from the crown, they possess the essence of a great woman. Like any human being, Gutierrez was badly hurt with the circumstances. She was disconnected for awhile but allows herself to heal and stand up again. She continues modeling these days and takes part in the movie world. In fact, she just got her very first Hollywood blockbuster.

All for Fate

Meanwhile, Wurtzbach faces the same fate as Gutierrez after her full year reign as Miss Universe 2015. She just signed with IMG and Harvey thinks that she’s one remarkable woman. It’s evident here that winning is not everything for a woman. It’s how effectively one can make use of such talents possessed, win or lose. As for Harvey, he will get over the troubles of choosing to do the right thing soon. He’s indeed the most famous Mis Universe host!

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