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How to stop Cheating in Elections: Bongbong Marcos Case

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
How to stop cheating during elections? Quite a difficult task but this can be minimized for the least. Going digital even did not help. It just makes cheating more hi-tech as per the Bongbong Marcos case against Robredo.

[VIDEO]: Alleged cheating incidents by the Liberal Party unfold in this compilation of footages as they happen. See for yourself:

Connivance with Comelec and the Ruling Party

The Commission on Election and the ruling party that happens to be the Liberal Party last May 10, 2016, elections are two big rocks. Who are we to stop or control them? We cannot. The People can only influence by being vocal with sentiments.

Digital Elections versus Manual

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the election is digital or manual. If the ruling party wishes to cheat, it can be done easily. The only thing that the opposition or the target could do is to document all irregularities during the election proper. This can help in backing up election protests.

Monitoring, Documenting, and Reporting

Poll watchers are very important. Elections cannot be clean without them for all sides. They must bot be taken for granted. Unusual incidents must be noted and reported to each party’s headquarters. This can be dug out later, when the situation calls for it.

How to stop Cheating during Elections needs Public’s Concern

The digital age has its advantages and disadvantaged. Let’s use technology for the latter. If you know something, and urged to speak via social media, speak up. We have enough of false rumors being spread out. Let’s expose the truth for once. That is how to stop cheating during elections. When the public cares, offenders will think twice.


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