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Stop Maligning Millennials – because assumptions are not true

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As the world evolves, generations also go with it. It has been a popular topic in corporate seminars that blames millennials of company shortcomings like the fast manpower turnover and many more. It has been assumed that millennial employees or those adults existing from year 2000 and above do not have the perseverance or patience to drive businesses forward – and they would rather start to look for another job if pressured. Many disagreed with this because it has been proven that the success of an organization greatly depends on the leader and not dependent on people who are into the latest technology. It is interesting to read about this observation. Read through:

Zenger Folkman wrote:
I attended a conference where a presentation speaker was talking about how millennials are so different. The speaker was going through the typical list of characteristics we’ve heard hundreds of times when a millennial raised his hand, stood up and said, “I am so tired of hearing this garbage about millennials and none of it is true!” He received an ovation of support from the audience. Full story here:

He continued: I was on a call with an organization that was packed with millennials. We were looking at data on employees’ intentions to leave the organization. In this case, 43% of the employees were thinking about quitting compared to the global norm of 28%. The company’s leaders asked, “Is this percentage much higher than average because of the big population of millennials in the organization? We all know millennials are much more likely to be looking for their next job.”I have been gathering data about millennials and don’t yet have definitive answers for all of the questions, but I do have enough to question some of the assumptions we have about millennials. To find the truth, read the research in Joe Folkman’s Forbes blog.


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