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In Support to Marcos’ Quest for Sabah: Be Ready to Fight – No More Peace with CPP-NPA in this Generation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The CPP-NPA or the Communist Party of the Philippines’ merger with its enforcement arm, the New People’s Army has pushed the president to his limits. He would have wanted peace with the communist rebels but they are already asking too many demands. The National People’s Army’s (NPA) earlier moved to end it’s unilateral ceasefire with the government. The president responded by stopping the ceasefire and urges the military to be ready to fight until either of them perish.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The president has exhausted all his powers to compromise with the rebel group but their continued terrorism act shows that peace with the government is not possible in this generation. (GMA News 24 Oras extract).

Impossible Demands

The president cannot release all 400 political prisoners because that number requires amnesty. It is beyond the absolute power of the president. He reiterated that he does not practice dictatorship in his administration.


Digong is dismayed that during the ceasefire, the soldiers are at ease to walk and withdraw money from the ATM. They have no guns and three ended up kidnapped and killed. He made it clear that he initiated peace talks in good faith and not for any political purposes. But with the recent turn of events, he’s forced to respond as President of the Philippines and commander-in-chief.

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Back to Fighting Mode

It is a golden opportunity for the new administration to finally end the rift between the communist rebels and the government. Future events are circumstances the communists opted for.The President ordered the military to prepare for war: “I’m asking the soldiers, to go back to your camps, clean your rifles, and be ready to fight,” he said.

Communist Rebels have no Territory in the Country

Without the ceasefire, the government forces can chase the rebels anywhere. They do not have territory in the land as out-laws. The leftists also have no part in claiming back Sabah. The Sultanate of Sulu is not a Muslim insurgent group like them. They can seek refuge in Malaysia if they want to.

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