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Support the President by Rehabilitating Addicts in the Family – Drug, Sex Addiction Included

sex addiction

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Repetitive crimes are evident in many areas. This is because most families look at the mistakes of others other than their own. The president said that if any of his children is involved in corruption, he will resign. It’s called Delicadeza. In general, children can be corrupted not just in terms of money but also through their choice of remedy for childhood pains. Many might wonder why two siblings grow up differently when they have the same upbringing. Their choices obviously have something to do with it together with the kind of family support they get.

[VIDEO]: The President said that he would resign if any of his children get involved in corruption.

Trillanes’ Lies

Trillanes throw allegations to the President even before the 2016 elections. He revives the issue in February 2017. His claim states that the President and his family members have P2.4 billion in various bank accounts. The first family denies this.

Sarah and Baste

The president is not spared with the ill effects of society brought about by his children’s choices. He publicly wondered why Mayor Sarah, his daughter is far more responsible than his son, Baste. He discloses that the son at that time prefers to hang out with Ellen Adarna than his own family. This prompts his daughter to say that she only loves her mother, to the disgust of the president. Addiction has destroyed many lives but families overlook this matter. Drug addiction and corruption are not the only problems of Filipino families – but all kinds of addiction especially sex addiction.

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Sex Addiction

One is not a sex addict just because he or she likes sex a lot. If sex ruins relationships, work, or even health, that is when families should be alarmed. When sex starts messing with the family’s life, a professional help is badly needed. The only thing is, the sex addict himself or herself is often in denial. He or she needs the concern of his or her direct family as required by the rehabilitation centers.

Not the Parents’ Fault but they can Help

Any addiction knows no family, morality, or Delicadeza as Filipinos put it. Children who can’t respect those who don’t tolerate their addiction including parents and loved ones are showing great childhood pains. They can only prioritize their “vice” or wicked behavior to help ease their pain. Since this is a growing ill of Filipino society, each member must be more aware that as a nation, we cannot move forward to the positive change for progress if we can’t help a family in distress who is badly in need of rehabilitation.

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