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To Supporters: Rescue Duterte’s Sinking Ship via AC unity – like Manner

AC unity

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Fidel Ramos observes that the country as a ship is leaking and sinking as its captain, President Rodrigo Duterte, has been disregarding the danger signs. This is even echoed by some of his supporters via social media.

[VIDEO]: The French Revolution was led by the people. They stood together and fought the oppression. Can Philippine President Duterte unite Filipinos under his reign when most of his supporters are hesitant?

Leaky and Slow-moving Ship

Ramos urges Filipinos; We all need to fix problems instead of adding more holes. Internal strife and disunity cause the holes on the ship. Many cannot accept the character displayed by the president in public. He has a lot of changing to do on this one.

President to address Priorities

Oblivious of danger signs, President Duterte cannot continue without addressing the strategic imperatives of public safety, community harmony, and national development; Ramos said.

Leadership by Example

“From day one, a national leader must define where he will bring the nation and show the people how to get there. He leads by setting the right example that the citizenry should emulate. He leads by making the correct decisions for the betterment of the many, not enrichment of the few,” he said.

AC Unity – like Manner cannot be attained by Hurting and Shaming Detractors

Assassins Creed or AC Unity like during the French Revolution days led by the people cannot be attained if many Filipinos are disgusted with the bad manners displayed by the President in public, He might not want to change his ways but if he still want to serve, them he better do it for the sake of the country.

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