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Supreme Court’s April 25 Ultimatum: Robredo’s Counter-Protest to be Dismissed if P8 M Not Paid in Five Days

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court says enough on Leni Robredo’s delaying the required first tranche of the recount deposit. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) ordered on April 25 for Robredo to pay P8 million to set the preliminary conference in motion for the recount to be implemented. It should serve as an ultimatum.

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[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court orders a cash payment of P81.46 million to proceed with the election protest of Bongbong Marcos against Leni Robredo.

Cannot be Extended

The deadline that was given by PET  to the Vice President a non-extendible. It will be 5 days on April 30. Since it’s a Sunday then, May 1 should be the official deadline. The tribunal ordered Marcos and Robredo to pay a service fee for the precincts they are contesting. Marcos at P66 million for over 39,000 clustered precincts, and P15 million for Robredo’s 8,042 clustered precincts.

Robredo’s Demand

Robredo’s camp insisted that Marcos should first pay P185 million for all the precincts, and not just P66 million since he wants the whole voting process to be reviewed. Atty. Romulo Macalintal suggested this because Marcos allegedly questioned the entire electoral results and the integrity of the vote-counting machines.

Marcos’ Compliance

Marcos himself resisted making the deposit required but he eventually paid the first installment of P36 million to comply. His friends pooled in resources for him to meet the deadline set by the PET which was a holiday.

Stop the Delay

Robredo’s lawyer further argued that they should only pay the deposit after the recount of ballots is undertaken. Supreme Court spokesman Ted Te said that the tribunal deferred ruling on Marcos’ motion to act on the dismissal of Robredo’s counter-protest if the dues are not paid in 5 days.

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