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Pro-Bongbong Marcos Lawyer Glenn Chong Aids in Trillanes’ Sedition Case


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Elena Grace Flores

Lawyer, Atty. Glenn Chong previously told Former Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes that he deliberately set up a trap to determine the connivance of the Commission on Election with the Liberal Party. This is to allegedly deny Bongbong Marcos of the VP post during the 2016 poll. Just recently, Chong’s name re-emerges as one of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s complainants in his sedition and rebellion cases. Earlier, the President signed a tougher penalty for such cases. Perhaps, not just a coincidence but a strategic move to put power abusive politicians into their right places to clean up the government from anti-administration stalwarts.

Video by; News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Senator Trillanes faces sedition and rebellion charges.

Trillanes’ Sedition and Rebellion Charges

Criminal charges are filed against Senator Trillanes for allegedly inciting rebellious acts against the administration. The complainants are a group of lawyers led by former Negros Oriental Rep. Jacinto “Jing” Paras. They filed the complaint before the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office. The 15-page complaint-affidavit filed by Manuelito Luna, representing the group of Paras, accused the senator of inciting to sedition, proposing to commit coup d’etat, and graft. Atty. Chong joined Nasser Marohomsalic, Nestor Ifurung, Eligio Mallari and Eduardo Bringas, and Louise Biraogo for the move.

The Lawyer Group’s Arguments

“Trillanes not only repeatedly uttered seditious words or speeches. He unabatedly circulated scurrilous libels against the President. These tend to disturb the public peace. They also repeatedly incited others to inflict any hate or revenge upon his person,” they said. The group urges government prosecutors to conduct an immediate preliminary investigation and file the necessary charges against Trillanes in court as evidence warrants. The complainants claimed that Trillanes “committed conspiracy or proposal to commit coup d’ Etat” for encouraging the military to rise up in arms against the Filipino leader.

Tougher Penalty

Du30 has signed into law RA 10951. It imposes tougher penalties for persons who committed treason, sedition, rebellion and other crimes under the Revised Penal Code. He signed RA 10951 on August 29. Under the new law, those who committed treason will be punished with Reclusion Perpetua and a fine not exceeding P4 million.

No Escaping Jail Term for Prision Mayor

The law says that a person committing conspiracy to commit coup d’ etat, rebellion or insurrection shall be punished by prision mayor in its minimum period with a fine not exceeding P1 million from the previous P8,000. Prision mayor involves jail term from 6 years to 12 years.Prision correctional with a fine not exceeding P400,000 shall be imposed on its medium period while a fine not exceeding P1 million on its maximum period. Prision correctional has a jail term 6 months to 6 years. Those who commit sedition would suffer the penalty of prision mayor in its minimum period and a fine not exceeding P1 million from the previous P10,000. Can this be a government clean-up drive for the big change?

Duterte signs law on stiffer penalties for treason, other crimes

Trillanes faces sedition charges

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Binay, Tulfo’s Call Trillanes the Father of Fake News – Will he Miss on Bongbong Marcos Prediction?

fake news

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Elena Grace Flores

In Erwin Tulfo’s radio program, he enumerates instances why Senator Antonio Trillanes IV fits into the label; the father of fake news as he tries to malign the first family. This is consistent with the former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s Camp disclosure. The title coincides with the Department of Justice’s  filing a libel complaint against him when he accused Binay of corruption during the elections 2016. Just to deny the ex-VP of the Presidency. However, Binay and Du30 are veteran enough to trick Trillanes. The two LP oppositions formed an alliance to mold Bongbong Marcos as President of the Philippines at the soonest possible time. Nevertheless, it seems that the Senator’s prediction on Marcos is failing as 2017 is coming to an end.

Youtube Video by; Duterte Today



Youtube Video by; The Lazy Boy’s Journey

[VIDEO]: Senator TRILLANES PREDICTS BONGBONG MARCOS new Vice President in 2017

Trillanes’ Prediction

Trillanes is quoted as saying; “I do believe that before the year 2017 ends, we would have a new Vice President.” Marcos’s electoral protest is now in the decryption and printing of ballot stage. It takes about 7 months to finish. The actual ballot recount may fast-track the proceeding but at the rate, it is going, it can easily be extended to 2018.


False Crusader against Fake News

According to Salgado, the DOJ’s resolution also exposed Trillanes as “a fake crusader against fake news,” calling the senator the “pioneer of fake news” since 2015. “He was spreading fake news since 2015. He deserves the unflattering title ‘father of fake news in the Philippines,’” he added.

DOJ’s Resolution

Trillanes still has to comment on this matter. Salgado said that the DOJ’s resolution to file a libel complaint against Trillanes vindicated Binay over the malicious claims made by the Senator.” They only confirmed that the Senate hearings against the ex-VP “were purely in aid of political demolition, not legislation. According to Tulfo, Trillanes also want to do the same to the President but the alliance won’t let him succeed. All his allegations are in vain from the alleged BPI deposits of the President to Matobato for Davao Death Squad. Now, he’s pushing his luck on Du30’s son, Vice Mayor Paolo Du30 and son-in-law Man’s Carpio’s illegal drug shipment accusation based on hearsays.

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Treason More Likely: Senator Rubio Learns the Art of Dealing with his President Unlike Trillanes


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Elena Grace Flores

Treason is the crime of betraying one’s country. An attempt to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government is an example. Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that he only presented facts about the situation in the Philippines. This is during his meeting with US Republican Marco Rubio in the United States. What he probably did not know is that – in spite of his US counterpart’s influence and drug war criticisms, he has made amends with the American President.

Youtube Video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Sen. Trillanes, nakipagpulong kay U.S. Sen. Rubio na tutol din sa war on drugs, ayon sa Malacañang

Rubio Found the US President’s Soft Spot

Rubio’s allies believe he has struck a difficult balance on his dealings with the US President but he actually achieved it. On some issues, the gentleman from Florida remains openly critical of him. On others, including Cuba policy, he has found a way to partner with the president to pursue his own priorities. “He seems to have found a sweet spot, or maybe I should call it ‘the art of dealing with Trump,’ ” Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, and friend of Rubio, said in an email. “He works with the US leader on what he can, issues like Venezuela and Cuba, that Marco and our community care about enormously. But he still manages at times — distances himself from the President and criticizes him when he goes off the rails.”

Factual but Anti-Du30

Trillanes denies that he tried to convince US lawmakers to persuade the US President to cancel his planned visit to Manila in November. This is for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit (ASEAN) and other Meetings. “I would like to confirm the information that I met with senior US government officials to include Marco Rubio. As mentioned in the tweet of Rubio, we talked about enhancing RP-US relations, corruption, and the human rights situation in the country,” Trillanes said.

Trillanes can’t Fool the US

“To be clear, I did not try to stop the state visit of President Trump since these things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say-so of a Philippine lawmaker,” Trillanes explained. Malacañang earlier expressed hope that Trillanes did not give “biased” information to US officials that would “adversely affect” the ties between the two countries. He denied this and insists that he just presented factual information. After all, no one can “fool” the US government on the status in the Philippines, he added. Filipinos, however, already know that his perception on the President is damaging to the country, just like VP Leni Robredo’s UN message in a video.

Removal of a Senator

Trillanes assures the public that he did push for the country’s interests. He also stresses that it is not the same as what the President wants. “Be assured that I pushed for the interests of our country. But let me emphasize that the interests of our country are not necessarily the same as the interests of Du30,” Trillanes said. DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano has yet to get Rubio’s side. Given the strategic nature of Rubio in contrast with Trillanes’ out of tune attacks, he can be nailed with treason. It just depends on how Rubio would relay the context of their meeting. All these happen when the recount on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is about to start.

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Bongbong Marcos Reveals COMELEC’s Motion for Additional Time on Supreme Court Compliance

Supreme Court

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Elena Grace Flores

PET’s order to retrieve the ballot boxes and other election paraphernalia in three pilot provinces identified by Bongbong Marcos may be delayed. Marcos earlier receives a Motion from the COMELEC. It requested for additional time to comply with the Show Cause Order issued by the Supreme Court. This is concerning the inquiry on why the election body’s central and local officers of Bucay, Abra failed to seek prior approval from the PET before conducting post-election activities.

Youtube Video by; PTV

[VIDEO]: President Duterte pushes for Morales, Sereno impeachment.

Supreme Court Order

The retrieval process is necessary to speed up the recount as ordered by the Supreme Court to the COMELEC. Marcos’ three pilot provinces are; Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. However, with the pending motion, it cannot take place yet. SC’s decision on this is not known yet but this surely affects the slow action of the agency as far as the ballot boxes are concerned.

Reasons for More Time

COMELEC cites the past typhoon and the supposedly upcoming barangay and SK elections. Good thing that the President decides to move it in May 2018. So, there’s still hope that the COMELEC’s excuses can’t be tolerated by the Supreme Court. It is not certain if the President’s threat to impeach the Chief Justice can contribute to the delay. It remains to be seen.

Block Bongbong Marcos Conspiracy Theory

The Senate is preoccupied with some fake new inquiries. Senators Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros have some explaining to do. This goes the same to ASEC Mocha Uson and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Trillanes is also doing his tricks against the former Vice President Jejomar Binay to the President himself. Meanwhile, the current VP roams around localities to give anti-Martial Law speeches. The mainstream media is also busy reporting killings. It gives the impression that it’s bloody under the Du30 administration.

Electoral Protest Relevance

Many deaths are not due to illegal drugs. All these look like a conspiracy theory to deny Marcos of the Vice Presidency as COMELEC tries to delay the electoral protest. It is also obvious that pro-administration solons are fighting back. Seven Senators are now pressing Liberal Party colleagues of their alleged masterminding of the blog that discredits them. The President himself also vows to lay his hand on the impeachment of the Ombudsman and the Supreme Court Justice for allegedly aiding Trillanes’ attacks on him.

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Senator Zubiri Did Not Get to Respond to Lopez – SEA Games Duty Call?


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Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri has no response to Gina Lopez’s very vocal criticisms for not voting her as DENR Secretary.  He is just too quiet. Instead, it’s announced that he is up and running as the chair for the organizing committee of SEA Games in PH for 2019. Note that it is a presidential appointment.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Despite Gina Lopez’s criticism with Migz Zubiri, the latter moves on with SEA Games duties.

 A Man of Few Words

Senator Migz Zubiri as he is fondly called is a man of few words. He has shown this during his near fist fight with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. He said; “I did not become a world champion of arnis for nothing.” That strongly warns Trillanes as they were pacified by the boxing champion himself, Senator Manny Pacquaio.

Lopez’s Dismay

Lopez stressed that she was particularly dismayed with Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri who is a known environment advocate. He ended up voting against her. “He is supposed to be an environmentalist….I was really quite disappointed in him,” she said. She is also not happy with some House members in the CA.

Too Much Respect

Zubiri surely has utmost respect for Lopez. This is why he does not reciprocate the hate message. There is also nothing to apologize for because it looks like he voted following his conscience. His environmental strategy is quite different from her who as other senators think, she has the tendency to be authoritarian. He is more into strategic planning and teamwork with other sectors.

Additional Duty

The good senator is actually now the chairman of the organizing committee of the Southeast Asian Games which the Philippines will host in 2019. The President issued the appointment just about the same time the CA rejection of Lopez was announced. This is according to Philippine Sports Commission chairman William Ramirez. It auspiciously signals the start of the preparations of the country’s hosting of the biennial event. That should stop him from giving attention to negative comments.