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The Chinoys Got Du30’s Protest Message about Robredo More than Macalintal


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Elena Grace Flores


Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal issues an assurance after Du30 wonders aloud if Robredo is really the vice president of the country. He said that the President should not be surprised as they are both products of the digital election that Bongbong Marcos questioned in an electoral protest with an ongoing recount of votes in Marcos’ selected pilot provinces.

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[VIDEO]: Duterte on Robredo: ‘Vice President ba talaga ‘yan?’

Marcos’ Electoral Protest

Robredo faces an election case by the former Senator. He alleges that the manipulation of Smartmatic’s PCOS machines favor Robredo. She was the Liberal Party bet used to block the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos from the executive office as sworn in by the last administration’s President, Benigno Simeon Aquino III.  The older Marcos was the staunch rival of the Aquino patriarch.

Analysis of the Discrepancy

Many election experts say that even President Du30’s votes were actually 5 million short. The estimate goes up to 21 million instead of 16 million votes. The large gap of Du30’s margin from the second placer, Mar Roxas did not allow him to overtake. This is the opposite in Marcos’ case. The gap was only a million the night of the election and it suddenly went into reverse during the wee hours. Robredo already leads at around 200,000 votes early in the morning which everyone thinks as magic.

Media Blockout

The PET’s gag order to Marcos and Robredo blocks the public from knowing about the recount updates. The people only know that there are various anomalies found by the revisors. Most ballots are wet not just in Camarines Sur but also in Iloilo. Robredo also contests the 50% shading threshold. She wants it only at 15% which Marcos disagrees with in an official comment.

“Chinoys'” Hint

The Filipino-Chinese business players are also keen in the updates of the said recount. However, their observations are far different from Macalintal. It seems like they have more knowledge of the President’s sentiment towards Robredo. He said that he already wants to resign but not sure whether Robredo is the real VP or not. The President is deeply committed to giving way to Marcos as the next President of the Philippines. This is actually what the Filipino leader insinuates. That’s probably why Marcos is often the guest speaker of major trade talks. Not just in the Filipino-Chinese commercial sector but also in China.

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Will there be Justice from the Supreme Court for Bongbong Marcos’ 25% Shading Threshold Disagreement?

Supreme Court

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Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal disputes Bongbong Marcos’ Supreme Court disagreement of his rival’s 25% shading threshold motion for reconsideration. This is after a considerable amount of time in silence. The rumor states that Macalintal gets a possible disbarment warning for telling lies. He said anew that there’s no truth on Marcos’ revelation that Comelec sets a 50% threshold for 2016. First of all, Marcos refers to the PET and not to the Comelec that has the sole jurisdiction for the issue.

Youtube Video by Eagle News
[VIDEO]: Marcos asks PET to junk Robredo’s appeal on ballot shading threshold.

Usual 50% Shading Threshold

Marcos said the 50% shading threshold was applied for President Rodrigo Duterte, ex-president Benigno Aquino III, former vice president Jejomar Binay, and other officials’ vote counting. He cannot figure it out why only his VP protest seems to have a different ruling. This leads to speculations that Robredo has backing from the PET Chair.  Associate Justice Benjamin Caguiao is definitely guilty of power abuse if her motion is successful.

Whatever it Takes

Maalintal continues to malign Marcos by saying: “The position of Mr. Marcos is a clear indication that he intends to take the protest towards his grand design, and at all cost, even to the extent of changing the rules of the game and putting to naught the voice of the innocent voters whose constitutional right of suffrage would be affected,” said Macalintal. Isn’t it former President Benigno Simeon Aquino who swears along that line? To do whatever it takes to block Marcos from the executive office?

Marcos’ Stand

Marcos does not understand why the rules that were applied in the past 3 elections should be changed in the middle of the recount to favor his opponent. Robredo has not even presented a correct argument, he added.

Justice at the Supreme Court

It is obvious that the VP still has influence in the Supreme Court. If it grants her appeal to lower the election shading threshold from 50% to 25% in the middle of the recount, there’s certainly no justice anymore for Marcos. The PET earlier junks Robredo’s said petition but she submits a motion for reconsideration. This is why Marcos opposes the plea in a separate plea.

Bongbong Marcos Opposes Election Recount Special Treatment for Robredo

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Du30’s “Build, Build, Build” Dream Project is from Ferdinand Marcos’ Blueprints


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Elena Grace Flores


President Rodrigo Du30 is the only President after the late President Ferdinand Marcos who continues the great works of the latter. His daughter, Gov. Imee Marcos confirms to Erwin Tulfo that the “Build, Build, Build” dream project of the current administration is actually from the 1970’s blueprints of the golden era. The Filipino leader is known to be logical enough in his decisions that affect the public greatly. Du30 would never start something that is impossible to achieve. These massive infrastructure developments require tremendous financial investments. Just very timely for the rumor of the near return of vast wealth from international banks under the Marcos patriarch’s name as depositor for the welfare of humanity.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos confirms that President Du30’s “Build, Build, Build, is from her father’s blueprints in the 1970’s.

Father’s Blueprints

Gov. Imee Marcos confirms to Tulfo that President Du30 carried out the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos’ blueprints through “Build, Build, Build.” Gov. Marcos wishes to continue its moment particularly on transportation, and the improvement of telecommunication facilities when she becomes Senator. The lady governor is thankful that Du30 has the wisdom to know brilliant ideas.

Details of the Dream Project

Washington DC-like C1 to C10 circumferential road plans for Metro Manila can decongest EDSA. The city can then excel as “Lungsod ng Silangan” with Sky Way leading to Antipolo. The MRT1 by the Marcos matriarch is even working well until now. Unlike the MRT 3 maintenance fiasco of the Aquino administration. Calabarzon will also have coastal roads and highways.

The Wealth of Humanity Funding

Gov. Imee Marcos is overjoyed by the move of the President to pursue the transportation plans of her father. The President seems to have a concrete source of funding. He knows many things that others don’t. One thing, it is speculated that the Swiss bank where some of the country’s wealth is deposited is to return them to the country. Other international banks may follow suit. When that happens, the now 53 Pesos to a US dollar currency exchange rate can immediately go down to 25.

United Administration

The governor’s brother, Bongbong Marcos who is undoubtedly waiting for his declaration as Vice President always talks about unity. At the moment, there are still pro-Du30 politicians that are anti-Marcos. They can ultimately divide the country. Some are even conniving with the opposition. However, the power of force display of the INC and other Marcos loyalists can tell that the dominant faction must prevail for Filipinos to unite progressively.

Gov. Imee Marcos: Filipinos Need Discipline to Progress

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Gov. Imee Marcos’ Priority as Senator is Transportation – Facilities and Fuel Prices


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Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said during an interview with Target Live On Air that her main priority as a Senator is to make sure that all transportation facilities are up to standard and efficient. She mentions that its efficiency and the prices of fuel can greatly affect the economy. This is on top of other political platforms like education, jobs, and the continuance of her father’s infrastructure project, the Build, Build, Build under the Du30 administration.

Youtube Video by Target on air ORIGINAL
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Maros speaks about her priorities as a Senator and some updates on the VP recount.

Father’s Blueprints

Gov. Marcos wishes to continue the momentum of the Du30 administration’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ infrastructure program particularly on transportation, and the improvement of telecommunication facilities in the country. Unknown to many Filipinos, the actual blueprints of these projects were actually the plans of her late father, former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Senator to be’s Influence to the Economy

Lower fuel rates can definitely improve prices of commodities. This can also soften the impact of the tax reform law on consumers, according to Marcos. Aside from lowering the costs of businesses, she is quite open to renewable energy. In fact, she is the hope of the Deuterium explorers to fast-track their project to produce clean hydrogen fuel as the more affordable alternative fuel than gasoline.

The wealth of Humanity Rumor or Truth?

It is true that there are many public services projects that need ample funds like the Brigada Eskuwela project or the education facilities and school supplies in rural areas. Not to mention the school infrastructure itself. All these expenses are nothing compared to the Build, Build, Build revival. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the President is not worried at all. He knows that things will come together as destiny dictates. There is a rumor that the Swiss bank where some of the country’s wealth is deposited negotiates to slowly return them to the country so as not to lower their money’s worth. When the other international banks follow suit, the now 53 Pesos to a US dollar currency rate can immediately go down to 25.

Women and Youth Welfare

The lady governor aims to create jobs for women living in remote areas. The elderly can soon enjoy sustainable living as per her plan. She does not stop empowering the youth by inviting investors that can provide careers to the new graduates. Up to this very moment, she and her brother, Bongbong Marcos never stop serving the public in their own capacity. How much more when they are back to power?

Supreme Court: CAMSUR VP Recount may have Voided Results due to Wet Ballots

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Answer Enrile & Know Why Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership is Best for the Country


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Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the trouble with the country starts with influencers’ sense of entitlement. They use the word “people” to make the public believe that their idea is the Filipinos’ will. No one can tell Enrile that he revises the martial law history in favor of Bongbong Marcos’ upcoming leadership. Enrile is not only present during martial law. He’s also its orchestrator. No government detractors would want to answer his questions. They would find themselves corrected as the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo leans towards Marcos’ favor.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile cites the achievements of the late Ferdinand Marcos for the country during martial law.

Revisionism by the Oligarchs

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ image went down to the drain because of the black media propaganda against him by his political enemies. They carry this out through their network of oligarchs owning major businesses including media platforms.

Enrile’s Questions about the Late President Marcos

Enrile advises people who have doubts about Marcos because of the negativity around to answer his basic questions: 1. Who introduces democratic education to all Filipinos? 2. Who initiates the irrigation project for farmers? 3. Who brings rural electrification all throughout the country? 4. Who starts the nuclear power plant for cheaper energy sources? In his 51 years of political career, Enrile sure has a lot more questions to as if someone from the opposition dares to have a debate with him.

Faking his Ambush?

It’s true that the former Senator denied that he was ambushed. The media wants to project that he faked his own ambush. The truth is, no need to create stories that could have trigger the martial law declaration at that time. It is so because when the alleged incident happened, martial law is already in effect. That’s the simple truth as per Enrile.

Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership

As soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes Vice President, he is only a step away from the presidency. As a man of his word, it is likely that President Rodrigo Duterte would step down for him. In fact, he’s looking forward to doing that pretty soon. He has more worthwhile plans to do with his grandchildren when that happens. Enrile said that if that is the choice of the people as per the manual recount results, then be it.

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