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Bongbong Marcos Tells SC: After 9 Months of the Electoral Protest, People Want the Truth

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos through lawyer George Edwin Garcia asks the electoral tribunal to proceed with his case by setting the preliminary conference in motion and ordering the retrieval of ballot boxes so the electoral protest can finally move forward. Garcia said it has been nine months since the filing of the protest and the tribunal is yet to schedule the preliminary conference date and agenda.

Youtube video by; What’sNowPH
[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, has deemed that the complaint of Bongbong Marcos over cheating in last year’s VP race has presented enough merit to be reviewed. The resolution reads, “The protest is only sufficient for the tribunal to proceed and give the protestant the opportunity to prove his case in accordance with the 2010 PET rules.”

Destabilization Efforts

In those nine months, destabilization efforts against the administration have been continuously waged. Several plots on destabilizing the government have emerged which are not to public interest. There is clearly a well-funded concerted effort to undermine the administration. Robredo’s recent video message on the unfounded extrajudicial killings caused angered patriotic countrymen, Garcia wrote in a statement

No Tolerance for Robredo

The electoral tribunal “should not tolerate the duplicity of Robredo who insists that she won the vice presidential race but opposes every move to prevent the truth from coming out. Garcia said. “Robredo cannot have it both ways. She cannot keep claiming that she won the elections fair and square and yet, behind everyone’s back, she keeps finding ways to stop the truth from coming out,” he added.


Right Time for Presentation of Evidence

The evidence of Marcos is the same evidence that Robredo has by now since the filing of the electoral protest. Asking for such evidence that she already knew beforehand is a big foul. People cannot help but wonder why she does not want the proceeding to move forward. Does she want to know the truth or not?

Buying Time

The illegitimate VP is obviously buying time and it is up to the Supreme Court to tolerate her delaying the process. One thing is for sure, the people want the truth right now. As various groups start to organize protests for SC to move quickly, the country can never be at peace thinking that a fake VP is traveling around sabotaging the economy of the Philippines. She must be stopped or at least, declare her as real VP or not.

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Online Protest: Stop Calling Leni Robredo Vice President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It can be felt online especially in the President’s groups via social media and Marcos loyalists’ Facebook pages that they are tired of waiting for the Supreme Court to set the Preliminary Conference in motion so that the recount in the electoral protest agenda can start. They call on to support Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s pronouncement on not calling Robredo as Vice President because she is not the duly elected VP instead.

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[VIDEO]: Mahihirapan daw na maisulong ang planong impeachment laban kay VP Robredo ngayong nagsalita na si Pangulong Du30. Yan ay ayon kay Senate Pres. Koko Pimentel.

Not Duly Elected VP

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that he could not consider Robredo the country’s second highest official. Although he has no one in mind for her replacement, he wants her impeached. In radio and television interviews Alvarez did not call Robredo vice president. He said it’s because he’s not sure if she really won in the May 2016 elections.

Robredo Puts the Country into Bad Light

Alvarez clarifies his conviction that the Vice President betrayed public trust when she sent a video message to the United Nations that extrajudicial killings and human rights violations are committed in the President’s drug war. He stressed that her pronouncements put Du30 and the country in a bad light before the international community.


Protests on the Ground Planned

As a human rights lawyer, Robredo noted that the impeachment against her seems to be an attack on her freedom to dissent.  “There is nothing wrong with speaking dissent, she claims. It is our right, sometimes our burden,” she admits. But she also forgot that speaking about unconfirmed state-sponsored killings in the international community is disastrous to the economy of the nation.

Multitude of Du30-Marcos Supporters

Alvarez’s decision in not recognizing Leni Robredo as Vice President is also followed by many supporters of Bongbong Marcos and the President. However, respect is still there because he calls her Lady Robredo. This is contrary to PRRD-BBM loyalists who call her Lugaw, Fake VP, and more names that are too negative.

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Bongbong Marcos Urges PET to Set Preliminary Conference at Once in Response To Robredo’s Delaying Tactics

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Just as when COMELEC starts to cooperate with the details of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Leni Robredo, she once again submitted a motion for reconsideration as a delaying tactic to stay in power longer. This triggers Marcos to response to PET urging SC to set the preliminary conference without delay.

Youtube video by; Eagle News
[VIDEO]: Isinumite na ng kampo ni dating Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos ang kaniyang reply sa motion ni Vice President Leni Robredo na pumipigil sa Korte Suprema na magsagawa ng preliminary conference sa electoral protest na isinampa ng dating senador sa Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Junk Robredo’s Appeal

Bongbong Marcos asks the Supreme Court or SC that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET, to implement its ruling last January to allow his poll protest against Leni Robredo to proceed. Marcos urges the PET to junk Robredo’s appeal. He refers to it as another delaying or dilatory tactic to stay longer in power illegally.

Bongbong Marcos to Robredo: Stop False Claims

Marcos warns Robredo that she cannot keep on claiming that she won the elections honestly and “yet, behind everyone’s back, she keeps on stopping the truth to come out.” Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal earlier denied they use dilatory tactics but actions speak louder than words.


PET Should Set the Preliminary Conference

The PET previously junked Robredo’s bid to dismiss Marcos’ poll protest for issues that have been resolved by Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers or NBOC. The tribunal ruled that it has jurisdiction over the case and the protest was sufficient in form and substance. It takes into account the narrations of real facts on the alleged irregularities and anomalies in questionable clustered precincts.

Start Recount

Marcos now calls on the PET to order the immediate collection, retrieval, transport and delivery of all ballot boxes from all 36,465 clustered precincts and set the case for preliminary conference to start the recount at the soonest possible time. COMELEC just needs the direction of PET on how and when this could be facilitated.

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Haters of Bongbong Marcos on Isabelle Daza’s’ Show are Totally Misinformed

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a pity watching Bongbong Marcos’ haters spread more biased writeups about him in Isabelle Daza’s web platform. Their comments and insights are clear indications that they are the major victims of the Liberal Party’s misinformation campaign ever since Martial Law days. Unlike Leni Robredo who is always defensive, Marcos just laugh them off – an important manifestation how well he learned from his family’s expeerience.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Sen. Bongbong Marcos – CNN Interview with Mitzy Borromeo

Pro-Yellow Netizens

Yellow Netizens, an article said, didn’t appreciate how mild the insults were thrown to Bongbong Marcos in Daza’s “Haters Do Hate” show episode. The majority of the people are aware that Marcos’ return to public office is much awaited – not only by his supporters but also by his detractors. His electoral protests against Leni Robredo and the discreet burial his father in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani are bashed by Liberal Party people. But no one can deny the good deeds of the Marcos administration and Bongbong Marcos; competence in governance, if given the chance to be president.

Tortured, Killed and Imprisoned

False data says that there are167, 636 Billion loot, 3,240 killed, 34,000 tortured, and 70,000 imprisoned during martial law. They are all blamed to the late father of Bongbong Marcos. Needless to say, what does it have to do with the son, Bongbong Marcos? Aside from these unfounded allegations, the son is not liable to his father’s mistakes if he really did commit those crimes.


Bongbong Marcos’ Political Career

Bongbong Marcos ranked 16th as part of the Nationalist People’s Coalition or NPC ticket. He got more than 8 million votes. That number of votes is higher than former vice president Arturo Tolentino. Marcos returned to local politics after a 3-year break as governor of Ilocos Norte in 1998. He served for 3 terms. Bongbong reclaimed his former post at the House of Representatives. He was also selected House Deputy Minority Leader. In 2010, Bongbong decided to go national again. For his senatorial campaign, he allied with the Nacionalista Party or NP  of presidential candidate Manuel Villar. That’s where he earned the ire of KBL stalwarts. The new political alliance was favorable to Marcos, because he placed 7th in the senatorial polls, with over 13 million votes. Almost the same number of votes in the 2016 VP race which should be a lot more than that given his rising popularity.

Delay on Protest against Robredo

Marcos recently slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for resorting to dilatory tactics. This is to prevent the immediate resolution of the election protest he filed against her. In an 11-page reply to Robredo’s opposition of his motion to set the case for preliminary conference, Marcos through his counsel George Erwin Garcia stressed the vice president’s objection was “obviously dilatory.” By law, the Tribunal could have set the same as early as Sept. 9, 2016. Robredo’s opposition was designed to prevent the truth about the massive cheating in the May 2016 elections from coming out, Marcos revealed.

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Filipino Resourcefulness on Bongbong Marcos’ Bangui Windmill for Sustainable Electricity

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bangui Windmill in Ilocos Norte is an energy project that uses the wind that Bongbong Marcos spearheads in the 1990’s. It is first in Southeast Asia. Bongbong Marcos said that the energy problem in their area was badly felt because they are at the end of the transmission line. With the windmill, the place is not now gauging from the production line when it comes to getting a reliable and cheap source of energy.

Youtube video by; Bagong Lipunan
[VIDEO]: Ang Bangui Windmills sa Ilocos Norte ay tinaguriang pinakauna sa Southeast Asia at proyekto ni dating Governor Bongbong Marcos. Panoorin at alamin paano ni Bongbong Marcos nagawa ang proyektong ito at paano natulungan ang mga tao sa Ilocos Norte.

Filipino Resourcefulness

Bongbong Marcos gives credit to Filipino resourcefulness with the success of the Bangui windmill. It is named The Northwind Bangui Bay Project. Then Governor Bongbong Marcos planned it as a source of renewable energy. Their study shows that Bangui is a beneficial location for the structures of the windmills because of its high wind index.

Tourist Attraction

Bangui windmills are not only the first but also the biggest in Southeast Asia. They are one of a kind structures in the Philippines. It sells 40% electricity to Ilocos Norte and reduces the cost of energy consumption because they are renewable. 50% of electricity consumption of SM Megamall, one of the giant malls in the Philippines is equivalent to the energy consumption of Ilocos Norte.



The windmills are built in two phases. Phase I was completed last June 20, 2005. It consists of 15 wind turbines. They are arranged in a single row along Bangui Bay, stretching along the South China Sea. Each wind turbine is spaced at 236 meters apart from each other. They have a towering height of 70 meters which is as high as a 20-storey building. They have 41 meters motor blade.  Additional 5 wind turbines were built in Phase II in the year 2008 to increase the capacity of the electricity generated to 33MW.

Intrigues on Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos’ detractors tried to discredit him by saying that the Bangui Windmills are actually the wind farm project of the Danish government that gives the grant of $48 million dollars to Ilocos Norte Province in 1998. Initially, this was for 19 very large turbines and expanded to 49. The current electrical power production of the province is around 25 megawatts and contributes nearly 40% of the provinces electrical power. Think about it. If Bongbong Marcos who’s late father was very keen on the development of energy resources, was not the governor at that time, do you think Bangui windmills is as successful as how it is today?