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Supreme Court Battle Ends: With CJ Sereno Out, Bongbong Marcos is In as VP

Supreme Court

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The 8-6 special en banc session votes at the Supreme Court declares Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s appointment void. SC spokesperson Theodore Te quotes the dispositive of the decision, “Wherefore, the Petition for Quo Warranto is granted,” he said. The beleaguered CJ is ousted. In another development, the people await Bongbong Marcos’ declaration as Vice President.

Youtube Video by ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Supreme Court justices oust Chief Justice Sereno

Sereno is Disqualified

“Respondent [Sereno] is found disqualified from and is hereby adjudged guilty of unlawfully holding and exercising the Office of the Chief Justice. Accordingly, Sereno is ousted and excluded therefrom,” Te added.

Immediate Execution

The ruling is immediately executory. Those who voted in favor of the ouster were Associate Justices Noel Tijam, Teresita De Castro, Lucas Bersamin, Francis Jardeleza, Samuel Martires, Andres Reyes Jr. and Alexander Gesmundo.

Sol-Gen Calida’s Winning Move

The Supreme Court voted 8-6, granting the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida, which questioned the qualification of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to serve as the country’s top magistrate.

Bongbong Marcos’ Rise

The dissenting votes were Associate Justices Estela Bernabe, Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, Presbitero Jose Velasco Jr., Mariano Del Castillo, Marvic Leonen, Antonio Carpio. Bernabe is currently out of the country but left a vote against the quo warranto. The camp of Sereno already said that they will appeal the ruling. Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio as Acting Chief Justice. Despite the opposition’s force, it is evident that the administration stalwarts do not take their enemies sitting down. Therefore, it is just a matter of public announcement that the Philippines already has a new Vice President! This is just the beginning of the prophecy.

Gov. Imee Marcos as Deuterium Hope Gears Up for Election 2019 with Lower Electricity Cost

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Just Grab the Gag? Is the Supreme Court’s Marcos-Robredo Gag Order Undemocratic?

supreme court

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As Grab faces complaints from drivers and passengers alike after UBER’s halt in their operation from Southeast Asia, lawyers question the Supreme Court gag order. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal recently issues a show cause order for Vice President Leni Robredo and former Senator Bongbong Marcos. This is after both parties allegedly disclose sensitive information to the public about the ongoing recount. Clean election advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong insists that he is not under such order so he can publicize every single detail what he learns as the revision of ballots progresses. This goes the same with bloggers and other social media personalities. It is also unfair to the public to make the updates secret since public interest is very high. Transparency in a democratic country seems to be lacking in this regard.

Youtube Video by TRIA
[VIDEO]: VP RECOUNT UPDATE: April 13, 2018 | Show Cause Order Issued To Rebredo, Marcos

No More Uber

Uber ceases its operations in the Philippines recently. Its rival Grab takes over its Southeast Asian businesses. The main issue of its local business is its central system. “The main office of Uber is not the Philippines. The Philippine office of Uber has no access to switch in and switch off its apps. It is in the headquarters in the main office… in the US… How will they comply with the directives?” LTFRB member Aileen Lizada said. However, the immediate change overwhelms Grab. This should settle down as it goes along contrary to the recount as suspicious looms due to the Supreme Court gag order.

Marcos’ Claims

Marcos claims “massive cheating” caused his loss to Robredo in the 2016 vice-presidential race by some 260,000 votes. The ballots, which were counted by machine, are being tallied again manually by the PET. Marcos, on the first day of the vote recount, told reporters that some of the ballots were wet and that there were allegedly missing audit logs.

The Supreme Court’s Explanations

The PET explained that it had released two resolutions dated February 13, 2018, and March 20, 2018, which instruct both parties to refrain from discussing the vote recount to the public. “Despite these stern directives of the Tribunal, several news reports have shown that the parties, their counsels and/or representatives, have nonetheless continued to disclose sensitive information regarding the revision process to the public, in clear violation of the aforementioned resolutions,” it said.

No Transparency Dissatisfies Public Interests

The public through social media reacts to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal’s show cause order for Robredo and former Marcos. In the first place, the PET must be transparent with every development during the recount. Manipulations can be done with the CTTV and other security measures. They fail to get the people’s trust by being so secretive. Can this be their crises management effort to not go down together with the problematic VP?

Robredo is Horrified over First Sign of Defeat: Denial of 25% Shade Threshold Plea for VP Election Manual Recount is Substantial

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Gov. Imee Marcos Slams Robredo’s Fake News about Ilocos Norte

Fake News

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Vice President Leni Robredo seems to be running out of excuses on the recount anomalies when she turns her wrath to Bongbong Marcos’ sister using fake news. Robredo includes Ilocos Norte, as among the Philippines’ top 20 poorest in her speech at the London School of Economics. Gov. Imee Marcos said that contrary to the statistics of Robredo, Ilocos Norte is among the top 20 richest provinces of the Philippines. This is according to the Philippine Statistics Authority data. Ilocos Norte is rich and not poor said the lady governor. Marcos earlier is very vocal in slamming the VP due to the obvious anomalies found in the 2016 election ballot boxes from Camarines Sur that her camp undermines.

Youtube Video by; CNN Philippines

Revisors’ Denial on Typhoon Excuse

The revisors deny Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal’s defense that the ballot boxes from Bato, Camarines Norte got wet during the December 2017 typhoon. They said that no signatures from them are found to signify Macalintal’s claim. They acknowledge receipt that the ballot boxes were in good order and condition prior to the initial recount.

Obvious Irregularities

Marcos can’t help but slam Robredo’s justifications on the wet ballots, missing audit logs, and cracked ballot boxes. They even try to reverse the cheating allegations saying that since the Marcoses are close to President Du30, they have all the opportunities to cheat. The pre-shaded ballots in favor of Robredo can even be the reason why four revisors quit immediately because they are just too obvious as Gov. Marcos insinuates.

No Poverty in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte is definitely not among the country’s top 20 poorest provinces, Gov. Imee Marcos said. “She can easily check her data if she wants a more accurate reading on the state of poverty.” Ilocos Norte’s economy, Marcos said, grew by 16.7 percent in 2013-2014. Robredo’s report is purely malicious.

Robredo Clings to Fake News

This incident is not the first time for VP Leni Robredo to divulge the wrong data to an international audience. The first major one was during a side event of the UN. Her wrong report that gives a bad image to the country was about the president’s drug war. This is still available on Youtube. At desperate times, the most unpopular second leader of the country once again clings to fake news.

Enrile: Blame the Resistance, Oligarchs on Du30’s Partnership with China

Ilocos Norte rich, not poor, says Imee Marcos

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Bongbong Marcos Hopes that the April 2 Recount Won’t Be an April Fools’ Day Joke

April Fools' Day

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Bongbong Marcos can’t help but get paranoid over the numerous delays of his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. Marcos just wishes that the April 2 recount pushes through. That it won’t become an April Fools’ Day joke. He stresses that it is not surprising for his rival’s camp to keep on delaying because that’s their only chance with the alleged support of the PET chairmanship. He is sure that he is cheated. This is his reply to Raffy Tulfo who asks him about the real update of his protest.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that he hopes the recount date on April 2 won’t be an April fools’ joke.  He wishes that there’s no more delay. He said this during the interview in the “Sa Totoo Lang with Erwin Tulfo,”

The Most Awaited Event

Marcos clarifies that although sometimes he becomes impatient, he cannot lose his patience but to continue to wait because he is closer to the much-awaited event. This is the opening of the ballot boxes and the actual recounting of votes manually. He discloses in various occasions that digital manipulations are key factors of the fraud during the 2016 elections that may benefit Robredo.

Overwhelming Social Media Support

Marcos can only laugh at Robredo’s accusation of him using trolls to dominate social media particularly Facebook. Some online warriors who defend their candidates during the elections create aliases for their profile due to privacy or security reasons. However, it is not only Marcos’ supporters who resorted to this practice but all aspiring politicians like Robredo. It is evident for sure that his overwhelming support stays up to this day. It’s even getting stronger.

Testing the Supporters’ Patience

The choice of the latest recount date is mind-boggling. It is after the holy week when Filipino Catholics are making penance of their sins. April Fools’ Day on the first is also just a day prior to the recount. Perhaps, they need to prepare people with the uncertain developments.

Dictatorship Does Not Exist

Contrary to the black media propaganda of the anti-government bodies, the President who supports Marcos’ quest can’t be a dictator. It is clear in the drug war and in the proposed Bangsamoro law developments. The DOJ recently releases the two alleged major drug lords. Whereas the DOE delays the oil and gas exploration of a Filipino consortium that would alleviate poverty instantly. It cites the pending Bangsamoro bill as the reason for the delay. The Filipino leader endorses all these for the welfare of the Filipinos. If Du30 is a dictator, the deuterium extraction, drug lord punishment, and the presidency of Bongbong Marcos should already happen. Not after many years.

Bongbong Marcos is Sure that Robredo is Desperate for Calling his Supporters Not Real People


The DOE Cites the Proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law as the Reason for the Deuterium Exploration Delay

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Top Senatorial Candidate Gov. Imee Marcos Calls Smartmatic’s Election Performance a Failure


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If it is proven by the Senate that there’s indeed electoral sabotage during the 2016 election, the case of her brother can become very strong. This is what Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said during an interview with Nicole Lopez of DZRH News. She discloses that they have an open complaint against Comelec’s patronage with Smartmatic due to their incompetence. Investigations on the issue can really help in resolving the matter, she added. Gov. Marcos is set to run for Senator in 2019.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The sister of Bongbong Marcos, Gov. Imee explains why Smartmatic is “palpak.”

Cheating Allegations

The lady governor of Ilocos Norte directly said that Bongbong Marcos is certain that he was indeed cheated. This is the reason why he pursues the case despite the many hindrances. In fact, Senator Sotto’s expose inspires her younger brother to do more in this aspect, she narrated.

Electoral Sabotage

There is already heavy evidence on the Comelec’s alleged connivance with Smartmatic even before the expose of Senator Tito Sotto. However, the Marcoses cannot fathom why the election agency continues to patronize their services even if they are a failure or “palpak” in vernacular. Should there’s indeed an anomaly in this area, it can only be classified as electoral sabotage.

PDP-Laban Senatorial Slate

Meanwhile, Senate President Koko Pimentel said that Special Assistant to the President Bong Go and even opposition Senator Bam Aquino are welcome to join the 2019 Senate slate of ruling party PDP-Laban. Pimentel said PDP-Laban is open to adding Go, who is the party’s auditor, to its senatorial lineup for the 2019 elections but he has yet to make a decision.

Yellow Roots

Pimentel also said that even Bam Aquino is welcome to jump in PDP’s 2019 Senate slate. He notes the “roots” of the party. PDP-Laban is a merger between Partido Demokratiko Pilipino of Pimentel’s father Nene and Lakas ng Bayan of Aquino’s uncle Ninoy, which became the largest opposition against former President Ferdinand Marcos in the 1986 Snap Elections. So, this explains their obvious indifference with Gov. Imee despite her closeness with the President. The Marcos loyalists, on the other hand, asked; Does she really need a political party to bag the number one Senatorial seat?

Will the Pilot Provinces April 2 Recount Determine VP Race Winner?

PDP ready to add Bong Go, Bam to 2019 Senate slate – Pimentel