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Will LP’s Brand Makeover Work after Du30’s Vietnam Warnings against Robredo, others?


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President Rodrigo Du30 reiterates his attacks against the European Union and other critics. This time, it includes Vice President Leni Robredo. He speaks before Filipinos in Da Nang City. The Filipino leader said that the EU aid comes with strings attached. It’s the result of Robredo’s wrong reports. Meanwhile, the Liberal Party or LP promises to have a total brand makeover for the party. It is crucial since it is the subject of criticisms by the members and supporters of the administration. Will it work?

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New LP Breeds

The LP, which ruled Philippine politics during the Aquino administration. It announces the oath taking of “new members. They mostly come from the ranks of the academe, youth, professionals, and non-government organizations.” Party chairperson Vice President Leni Robredo administered the oath.

LP Re-branding

The party is now regrouping and re-branding since it fell from power after the 2016 elections. President Du30 won with a margin of more than 6 million votes against second-placer Mar Roxas, the LP’s standard-bearer. Robredo was Roxas’ running mate whose Vice Presidential victory with a slim margin is challenged by the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake.

Transferring Ship

During the Aquino administration, the LP counted most lawmakers and local politicians as members and allies. Their numbers quickly dwindled after the 2016 elections. Many jump ship to the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan or PDP-Laban. It is Du30’s party. PDP-Laban now leads the majority in the Senate and a “supermajority” in the House of Representatives. Many local politicians who were once members or allies of the LP have also moved to the now-ruling PDP-Laban.

Typical LP Accusations

“This so-called Dutertism is a form of leadership that does not adhere to the limits of power, does not respect institutions, does not regard or follow processes, including the rights and freedoms in the Constitution, which is disregarded under this leadership,” said lawyer Raffy Aquino, representing the new batch of LP members. From this statement alone, no one can blame the President for his criticisms of the Party. As much as he wants to get rid of Robredo as his VP, he still has to adhere to the legal electoral protest procedure filed by Bongbong Marcos as a democratic leader.

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Pimentel: The EU has no Rights to Manage Internal Affairs – Must Stop Calls to Release De Lima


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Senate President Aquilino Pimentel or KokoPimentel slams the European Parliament’s call for the immediate release of Senator Leila de Lima. This sounds like an order and not as a mere sentiment. De Lima is in prison for her alleged involvement in the drug trade in the national penitentiary during her time as justice secretary.

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[VIDEO]: Pimentel hits EU Parliament call for De Lima’s release.

Crossing the Line

The EU Parliament has clearly crossed the line, Pimentel said. He explains that Parliaments are free to air their sentiments on many issues – but they should not interfere in internal affairs. Demanding the reversal of certain legal rulings taken by the court of sovereign nations is trying to show off that the country is under their command which is not the case.

Slamming the EU

He pleads; Please mind your own business and don’t ever tell the Philippine Senate on who should chair any of its committees.” Aside from De Lima’s previous ouster as Senate justice committee chair, the European Parliament which is the EU’s lawmaking body also condemns “the rising number of extrajudicial killings” in the drug war without the right data.


Sotto’s Support

Right after the Senate president told European lawmakers to step back, Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto III supports Pimentel’s plea and reminds the EU that it has no jurisdiction meddling in the country’s affairs. Sotto reiterates that the Philippines is a democratic nation with fully functioning laws and government.

Next in Line to the VP Succession

Pimentel as per the Philippine constitution is second in line to Vice President Leni Robredo. Her possible impeachment complaint about the UN video she sent making allegations against the Du30 administration is to be filed in May. This is on the grounds of betrayal of public trust as the second highest official of the land announcing unfounded claims critical of the President’s campaigns.

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Duterte’s UN Watch is a sure hit for Model United Nations Role Play

model united nations

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Model UN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to theUnited Nations . As a colorful guy, President Rodrigo Duterte’s way will certainly bring laughter and passion to the event. This is a fascinating way for students to learn about our involvement with the United Nations.

[VIDEO]: This video shows the run through of events that prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to respond that he might be pulling out from the UN, EU and stay away from America.

Invitation to the UN

Malacañang confirms it is inviting the UN “to investigate deaths linked to the war on drugs” in the country. The letter was sent on September 26. “Executive Secretary Medialdea said the Palace has sent its invitation to UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard and is awaiting her response.”

Drug War under UN Watch

According to the Philippine National Police, 1,390 suspected drug personalities who violently resisted arrest were killed in police operations. While 2,007 are classified as “deaths under investigation” or those believed to be vigilante killings.

Duterte’s UN Criticisms are Exciting Scenes for Model United Nations Role Play

President Duterte had criticized the UN and other world leaders for publicly speaking out against these killings. He says that they should have instead coursed their complaints through proper diplomatic channels.

Inciting Killings not Extra-Judicial

Duterte’s inviting the UN may or may not prove that he has something to do with the extra-judicial killings that resulted from his drug war campaign. However, the UN’s point is that – he clearly is inciting to the killings. Meaning, he inspires vigilantes to take revenge or shut someone up who knows about their illegal activities.

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EU Disgusted with China’s Cheap but Dangerous Trade Practices

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Members of the European Union or EU expressed their criticisms over Beijing’s trade practices, flooding global markets with cheap products, driving down prices and threatening economic stability at the Hague after China’s lost to the Philippines on the South China Sea dispute or West Philippine Sea. Often, these products are substandard or below international standard and “dangerous” – as many Chinese products wee pulle out from commercial shelves due to content of poisonous elements in their attempt to alternate ingredients with cheaper formula.

The global framework of laws and regulations “brings so many benefits to our nations,” Tusk said, adding: “If many start believing that globalization and international trade are happening without or against common rules, then the first victims will be Chinese and European economies, not to mention people.” His comments followed remarks by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that the meeting is “an active signal that clearly states that we are two important powers safeguarding world peace and development.”

Earlier in the day, China cancelled a pre-arranged press conference with the leaders, EU representatives said.
The EU is in the process of considering whether or not to grant China market economy status, a designation that would make it much harder for major economies to fight Beijing over alleged unfair trading practices. Opposition to granting the status has focused on complaints that China has violated global trade rules, most notably selling steel at below market prices; as published in the Global Nation Inquirer.


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