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Pimentel: The EU has no Rights to Manage Internal Affairs – Must Stop Calls to Release De Lima


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel or KokoPimentel slams the European Parliament’s call for the immediate release of Senator Leila de Lima. This sounds like an order and not as a mere sentiment. De Lima is in prison for her alleged involvement in the drug trade in the national penitentiary during her time as justice secretary.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Pimentel hits EU Parliament call for De Lima’s release.

Crossing the Line

The EU Parliament has clearly crossed the line, Pimentel said. He explains that Parliaments are free to air their sentiments on many issues – but they should not interfere in internal affairs. Demanding the reversal of certain legal rulings taken by the court of sovereign nations is trying to show off that the country is under their command which is not the case.

Slamming the EU

He pleads; Please mind your own business and don’t ever tell the Philippine Senate on who should chair any of its committees.” Aside from De Lima’s previous ouster as Senate justice committee chair, the European Parliament which is the EU’s lawmaking body also condemns “the rising number of extrajudicial killings” in the drug war without the right data.


Sotto’s Support

Right after the Senate president told European lawmakers to step back, Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto III supports Pimentel’s plea and reminds the EU that it has no jurisdiction meddling in the country’s affairs. Sotto reiterates that the Philippines is a democratic nation with fully functioning laws and government.

Next in Line to the VP Succession

Pimentel as per the Philippine constitution is second in line to Vice President Leni Robredo. Her possible impeachment complaint about the UN video she sent making allegations against the Du30 administration is to be filed in May. This is on the grounds of betrayal of public trust as the second highest official of the land announcing unfounded claims critical of the President’s campaigns.