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Filipino Values: Good Manners and Diplomacy are Essential in the Presidency

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many Duterte supporters justify the president’s foul mouth with the faults of previous leaders. This is not Filipino values. Majority of the citizens of the Philippines still believe that good manners and diplomacy are essential in the presidency despite Duterte’s victory. This is in line with Michelle Obama’s recent speech:

[VIDEO]: Michelle Obama hits it when she stresses out that a president must be the role model of the youth. How can Filipinos teach good manners to their children when they hear the President swears a lot? Youtube video by: Reflect

A matter of Expression?

Many have tolerated President Rodrigo Duterte’s swearing and foul words in public but this is still wrong. He is inspired to repeat them because of the crowd’s laughter and clapping. In truth, majority of Filipinos detest it. There’s no way teaching our children to do the same just because the president is doing it. Do you agree?

Far Too Noisy

Duterte’s ally, Senator Richard Gordon advises the president to mellow it down. Aside from destroying his image, it’s like he’s giving the International Criminal Court a reason to bring him to court. Any words spoken that incite or inspire killings is punishable by law. It is a crime against humanity especially when coming from a president.

Values over Idolatry

Some supporters of the President who are dismayed by the previous administration seek refuge in Duterte’s opposite style. His lack of diplomacy and carelessness in disclosing suspects in the illegal drugs trade were applauded. Only to know later that the drug matrix was not updated. Many were wrongly accused and his sorry cannot bring back anymore their ruined reputation.

Good Manners are still the Filipinos’ Priority

Filipino values have remained despite Duterte’s reign. His undiplomatic ways have actually divided the nation. Gong forward, it is important that the president takes this plea into consideration. The basic thing that Filipinos act is for him to be like a statesman – that can be a role model for our children. Is it too much to ask?

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