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See How Robredo Twists the Law for Calling Bongbong Marcos a Thief on Wealth Issues


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Elena Grace Flores

It is evident in today’s politics that deception is the name of the game for self-serving politicians. This is very obvious in the wealth issues against the Marcoses. VP Leni Robredo, a lawyer always refer to Bongbong Marcos as a thief. She uses the alleged hidden wealth cases of his late father former President Ferdinand Marcos. If the older Marcos who is also a lawyer but a very brilliant one at that vowed to take care of his people even after his death, how much more he would do for his own family? Just think of this, criminal liability, if there’s any, is never inherited, according to the law.

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More than 30 Years of Politicking

After 30 years of trying to nail the Marcoses down, no courts here and abroad can. Only the one in America orders the alleged Martial Law victims to be compensated. However, such compensation distribution is the jurisdiction of the government. It is not anymore in the hands of the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos said.

Update on the Alleged Wealth Deal

Malacañang the Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque clarifies that the government and the Marcos family do not have wealth issue agreement yet. Bongbong Marcos also said so. Lawyer and Marcos loyalist Oliver Lozano is not the family’s representative. He submits a draft compromise agreement to the office of chief presidential legal counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo. According to lawyers, his intention is actually good for the case in favor of the government. It’s a win-win situation for both parties if the people’s welfare is a priority.

Cannot Inherit Criminal Liability

The laws in the Philipines imply that no liability can be passed on to the heirs of the accused. It is also true that obligations of persons are the obligations of the heirs. This only pertains to the right to succession of inheritance. Specific provisions of the country’s criminal laws remain. Therefore, the crime of the father cannot be inherited by the son, contrary to what VP Robredo campaigned for.

Just Compensation and Settlement

One sensible insight on this comes from President Du30 himself as a lawyer. He suggests that the government needs to craft a law to detail the arrangements of a compromise deal. Particularly with the heirs of late Marcos. He indicates to include the possibility to waive the family’s criminal liabilities. However, we now know that it is not anymore necessary. Bongbong Marcos already said that he is not accused of anything but it has been the family’s stand to settle whatever is needed to be settled.

Can there be a Du30-Bongbong Marcos Understanding on the VP Election Protest?

Honest Answer of Bongbong Marcos on Robredo’s Achievement becomes a Joke

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Can there be a Du30-Bongbong Marcos Understanding on the VP Election Protest?


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Elena Grace Flores

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque’s response to a reporter’s question on Bongbong Marcos’ absolute refusal to run as Senator under the President’s banner is very simple. “Marcos already spoke, so be it,” he said. This is consistent with Du30’s earlier advice to the former lawmaker to concentrate on his election protest against VP Leni Robredo. Many can’t help but wonder if there’s an understanding between the two politicians on this regard.

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Compromise Agreement

Roque in another interview said that a compromise deal with the Marcoses on the alleged hidden wealth might face legal challenges in Congress. Du30 previously suggests that it needs to craft a law to detail the arrangements of a compromise deal. Particularly with the heirs of late President Ferdinand Marcos. This includes the possibility to waive the family’s criminal liabilities.

No Deal Yet

Malacañang clarifies that the government and the Marcos family do not have an agreement yet on the wealth issue. It is, however, true that lawyer and Marcos loyalist Oliver Lozano submitted a draft compromise agreement to the office of chief presidential legal counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo. Bongbong Marcos has no knowledge about Lozano’s draft but intends to discuss this with the lawyer.

Criminal Liability Can’t Be Passed On

The laws in the Philipines imply that no liability can be transmitted to the accused’s heirs. It is true that obligations of persons are passed on to the heirs. But this is only insofar as the right to succession of inheritance is concerned. This does not in any way overturn the specific provisions of the country’s criminal laws.

Election Protest and Wealth

Marcos is therefore right to say that he is not accused of anything. Therefore, he is not liable for any criminal charges. He is more attuned now to find out the real score for the VP election in 2016. There may be hiccups along the way but he is confident that he has won the race. That can also easily gain the support of the President who vehemently adheres to the law and takes care of the people’s welfare among others.

Bongbong Marcos is Determined to Finish the Protest against Robredo, Win or Lose

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De Lima Influences ICC to Bring Du30 Down before Bongbong Marcos becomes VP


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Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos said it before that the destabilizers of the Du30 administration would only stop to attack the President when he becomes Vice President. Those who are anti-Du30 just can’t stand him as his successor. This pronouncement resurfaces after Presidential spokesman Atty. Harry Roque urges the ICC to not allow it as the venue for political destabilization efforts. Jailed Senator Leila de Lima calls on it to start its preliminary investigations on EJKs.

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[VIDEO]:  Duterte spokesman Harry Roque to ICC: don’t be a venue for political destabilization.

ICC is Not a Court of First Recourse

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque refutes Senator Leila de Lima’s claims that the government is unable to probe alleged extrajudicial killings (EJKs).  “The point is, the ICC is never a court of first recourse. People with complaints against extralegal killings must file before the Philippine courts,” Roque, who also a human rights lawyer stressed.

De Lima’s No-Brainer or No-Brain Call?

De Lima, in a strongly urges the ICC to start preliminary investigations on alleged extra killings in the country. She accuses the President of adopting a policy killing Filipinos suspected of drug use and peddling. “It’s a no-brainer. How can the ICC expect the Du30 Administration to take jurisdiction over the prosecution of EJK crimes? The President already admits that it is the very policy of his administration to kill Filipinos,” De Lima added.

Presidential Speech that Triggers De Lima

The detained senator refers to the President’s speech in Pampanga on December 7. Du30 reiterates on his drug war policy. Saying that it remains “until the dying days of his presidency or his life.” “We do not enjoy killing our own kind. It is not a good policy, but we are besieged.  That is something that is very terrible,” Duterte said of his drug war. “Four million is four million addicts, 42 percent of the total barangay are contaminated with shabu,” the President lamented on its extremity.

Cannot Step in if there’s No Case in Local Court

The Philippines is a party to the Rome Statute of the ICC. Under the statute, the state is given the primary jurisdiction to try cases. The ICC only steps in when the concerned state fails to prosecute an international crime such as genocide or other crimes against humanity. Roque, however, insists that there is no unwillingness on the side of the government to probe the killings, citing cases in the Supreme Court. De Limas’s actions are allegedly part of his party’s aim to dethrone Du30 for their Liberal bet to take over before Bongbong Marcos proves that her party cheated during the 2016 elections. The recount for Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo starts in February 2018.

Bongbong Marcos as Vice President can Clear Out ICC, Local, and Foreign Threats against Du30

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Church in Bad Light after Healing Rally with Notable Anti-Admin Politicians


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Elena Grace Flores

Only about 600 people were present inside the church during the recent prayer rally. The Philippine National Police estimates that about 2,000 to 3,500 people joined the procession from the EDSA Shrine to the People Power Monument. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the “Lord, Heal Our Land” event should not be taken as a threat to the administration. Present during the mass were Senators Bam Aquino and Antonio Trillanes IV and Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano. Former vice president Jejomar Binay who is an ally of the President joins the procession to the People Power Monument as a human rights lawyer. He is outnumbered by Senators Franklin Drilon, Rissa Hontiveros, Trillanes, and Aquino who are anti-administration politicians.

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Maximum Presidential Tolerance

Roque stresses that President Du30 allows constructive dissent. Those who have grievances have space to protest. “The Church was very clear. It wasn’t political,” said Roque. However, this homily statement of Archbishop Socrates Villegas casts shadows over his non-political claim: “No politician lasts forever; only God does. Turn to the Lord and turn away from destructive politics. Peace to you all! We respect you. We call you Honorable. Be worthy of it,” he said.

Pray for Senseless Killings

The intention to pray for the end of the senseless violence is rightful and the government supports that. However, it is confusing to single out the administration’s drug war that allegedly results to extrajudicial killings. Homicide and murder cases are already part of the country’s history since time immemorial. Crimes of passion, road rages, and gang wars attribute to these unfortunate events.

The Dominance of Catholicism in the Country

The turnout of the event is quite low for a Catholic country. Therefore, doubts are expressed via social media if Catholicism is still a dominant religion in the country. Perhaps, Christianity is but the many factions including the INC, Born Again, Christadelphian, Protestants, Mormons, El Shaddai, and others made it more made the data complicated to determine.

Church Misunderstandings

The misunderstandings are understandable. The venue itself is already controversial. EDSA is known for the People Power Revolution against the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The presence of the LP members also contributes to the controversy. Most of all, false media claims and reports that exaggerate the number of attendees and the use of misleading images just did not help the situation. That put the Catholic Church in a bad light.