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Former VP Binay’s Human Rights Significance in the Du30-Bongbong Marcos Alliance


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Elena Grace Flores

The presence of former vice president Jejomar Binay during the procession to the People Power Monument recently raises some eyebrows. This is among the Du30 and Marcos loyalists. Some are quick enough to judge. They probably don’t know the significance of it. Binay is no doubt an ally of the President because he is for the people. He is a human rights lawyer at that. The Detractors of the President and Bongbong Marcos who accuse them of human rights violations can never question Binay’s human rights role in the country. Even before the 1986 revolt. Binay’s alliance with the Du30-Marcos tandem can prove that they are not guilty of such accusations.

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[VIDEO]: Marcos, Binay share laugh in Yolanda commemorative walk in 2015.

The President Supports Constructive Dissent

Roque stresses that President Du30 allows constructive dissent. Those who have grievances have space to protest. “The Church was very clear. It wasn’t political,” said Roque. However, this homily statement of Archbishop Socrates Villegas casts shadows over his non-political claim: “No politician lasts forever; only God does. Turn to the Lord and turn away from destructive politics. Peace to you all! We respect you. We call you Honorable. Be worthy of it,” he said.

Du30’s ICC Case

The case against Duterte before the ICC was filed amid the spate of killings linked to the government’s war on drugs.The complaint alleges that Duterte and at least 11 senior government officials are liable for murder and calls for an investigation, arrest warrants, and a trial. Roque, the only Philippine lawyer allowed to practice law at the ICC, nonetheless expressed openness to take on yet another role and assist Duterte if ever the latter would need his help.

Marcos and Martial Law

Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, inherits the black media propaganda effects against his father. The late President Ferdinand Marcos is widely known as a dictator. He is allegedly guilty of martial law human rights violations. But he has no single case in that aspect. Most of all, the ill-gotten wealth false publicity. That ends up to be the wealth of humanity. The President already directs the Senate and Congress to look into that.

Binay’s Influence on the BiHoMaDu Alliance

The political assassination stints on the Binays still continue despite the Binay’s patriarch’s retirement from politics. He is now the Dean of the University of Makati. However, it is not a secret that his kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon is one of the advisers of President Du30. When some DDS supporters are not for Marcos as VP, they are supplemented by the many Binay-Honasan supporters who are solid Bongbong Marcos for VP crusaders. The BiHoMaDu alliance that stands for Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 gears Bongbong Marcos to be president someday.

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Robredo: Bongbong Marcos is Desperate for Election Manual Recount


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Bongbong Marcos has a valid point why he includes Camarines Sur considered as Liberal Party Bailiwick where Bicol is also the hometown of Leni Robredo as the priority in the election manual recount. This is because most of the VP candidates come from the province and not just the questionable VP.

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Robredo calls Marcos desperate when he submits three provinces to show fraud or irregularities in his protest brief. He included Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental. Rodriguez questioned how Robredo got over 1.49 million votes in the three provinces. Marcos got only 200,000 votes. Where are the votes for Escudero and Honasan?

Dismissal Consequence

Marcos’ camp is confident to show how Robredo drastically reduced Marcos’ more than one million votes lead. She ended up with only 263,473 votes advantage over Marcos. They are willing to face the consequence that the case might be dismissed if all votes are accounted for in those areas mentioned.

Election Manual Recount

The manual recount is the only solution seen to appease voters who voted for Marcos as their preference for Vice President. It is remembered that despite running against Marcos, Senator Gregorio Honasan endorsed him as his VP candidate. This prompted most Binay supporters to vote for Marcos instead of Hnonasan. Vice President Jejomar Binay was the running mate of Honasan who garnered more than 5 million votes instead of the expected over 10 million votes.

Three-man Panel of Commissioners

Marcos’ plea to assign 3 commissioners for the electoral protest was granted by the Supreme Court. Chairman Vitug leads the panel with Imperio and Guevarra on board. Guevarra was with the defense team of the late Chief Justice Renato Corona during his impeachment trial.

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Bihomadu Alliance for Marcos Emerges as PDu30 Admits Keeping Honasan Safe from Aquino’s Wrath


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The Bihomadu or Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 alliance starts to make itself known through Pastor Boy Saycon of the Binay Camp’s support of Bongbong Marcos’ gathering of evidence for his electoral protest against Leni Robredo. Senator Gringo Honasan’s loyalty has always been to the older Marcos just like Enrile. They said that RAM did not oust the late president but protected him while he decided not to hurt the EDSA protesters. This is why Du30 protected him as well in Davao when fleeing arrest by the Cory Aquino’s administration.

Youtube video from; CNN Philippines
[VIDEO]: Senator Gringo Honasan was ex-VP Binay’s running mate in the 2016 elections. But he campaigned for Bongbong Marcos instead for Vice President.

All for Marcos

Ex-Vice president Jejomar Binay, Senator Gringo Honasan, and President Du30 are all for the younger Ferdinand to be president someday. This can be in 2022 or before. The president just joked again that the next president will be Senator Richard Gordon – but he is always good in instilling confusion as a tactic. The choice for president for the Bihomadu group has always been Bongbong for President.

Campaign for VP

The Binay camp campaigns for the Binay-Bongbong tandem despite Honasan’s candidacy for the same position. He himself told supporters to vote for the camp’s bet and not him. He is vocal in public appearances not to blame the son for the sins of the father if there’s any.

Inside Knowledge

The players of the Bihomadu group are the ones who have inside knowledge of what really happened during the Marcos regime. They were not on the same side before but they found a common goal to unite – and that is Bongbong for the top post. They believe that he will lead the country to progress due to his capability, expertise, and experience in public service and politics as a whole.

The Country’s Hope

BBM as he is popularly called, is the key to the nation’s moving forward because he knows all the plans of his father’s golden era. His idealism is sensible and he got the corresponding actions that come with it. If there’s one person who knows very well on what to do with the people’s wealth preserved by his father in the World Bank, it’s him aside from his father. The Philippines can indeed be great again.

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PDu30 is not Alarmed over China War after Orders for South China Sea

China war

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As the Philippine president is shying away from his usual cautious ways in dealing with China over the South China Sea disputes, he firmly directs the military to add more men to current troops in the countries’ territories. He plans for their developments to make them livable for soldiers and local fishermen alike. The president’s recent action worries China but PDu30 is not alarmed by the possibility of China war as peace aligns.

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: AFP will improve PH facilities in South China Sea

China-Philippines Relations

China has expressed concern over Du3o’s directive to the military to allegedly occupy nine islands in the Spratlys which are already under the Philippines’ control. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying voiced China’s concern at a press briefing as Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Gen. Eduardo Año disclosed the military’s readiness to carry out the president’s order. The plans to upgrade facilities on the said islands that are already occupied by the AFP will also follow suit.

China War Unlikely

Despite the tension between the US and Russia in Syria and the Filipino president’s asserting Philippine sovereignty in parts of the South China Sea, he is confident that China war is unlikely. This is because Japan, the US, and China including the Philippines are responsible enough to prioritize peace at the present time.

National Interest is a Priority

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that the new orders of the president can jeopardize with the efforts of the President to strengthen ties with China. The latter has been very aggressive in asserting its own claims on the South China Sea. He thinks that it is not wrong to assert sovereignty and territorial integrity that can take many courses of action. The president surely went out of his way to establish good relations with China, but at the end, national interest should always take the front seat, Lacson elaborated.

Sudden Shift in Policy

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III fully supports the move of the president. Senate committee on national defense and security chairman Sen. Gregorio Honasan also said that the occupation of the islands that includes the installation of the Philippine flag on these territories is very Constitutional. There is nothing illegal or immoral with the leader’s visiting any part of the country and taking action to assert the sovereignty over these areas.

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VP Robredo is Molded Like Cory Aquino to Block Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation


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It is very obvious that the yellow media are raising against time to raise any negative issues to support the Liberal Party’s quest of blocking Bongbong Marcos’ proclamation as the real winner for the Vice Presidency. They know for sure that once the preliminary conference of the electoral protest filed against VP Leni Robredo is set to motion, the majority in the Supreme Court will favor Marcos – just like with his fathers “hero’s burial.”

Youtube video by; Thinking Minds
[VIDEO]: #Nagaleaks : Former Jesse Robredo’s ally speaks out about the lies.

Modern Day Joan of Arc?

The yellow armies are desperately in need of somebody like Cory Aquino who knows nothing but ambitious enough to claim that she’s a catalyst in the massing of millions of people on Edsa that led to the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ stepping down from the presidency to avoid bloodshed in 1986. The truth is, Aquino was just riding on with the EDSA mutiny staged by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan. Just like former President Fidel V. Ramos, she just joined later after hiding with the nuns in Cebu.

Damaged Goods

At first, the Liberal Party is eyeing on Senator Leila de Lima, who is the greatest detractor of the President. Later they realized that she’s one of the damaged goods. She has a scandalous life like sleeping with her driver while she was DOJ secretary. Now, they look at Leni Robredo who is still justifying herself after Nagaleaks that narrates all corruption stories of her family – just after she got over with LeniLeaks. The latter is the alleged revelation of her involvement in the plan to oust the president.

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Robredo’s Nagaleaks Response

She swears that her detractors can’t keep them quiet. Robredo is insistent that Nagaleaks is far from the “truth” about the Robredos. It is again another misinformation to discredit her online. She added that they have no sins against the Filipinos – and she has nothing to hide.

Robredo vs Marcos

Despite not hearing any signs of progress from Marcos’ electoral protest nowadays, the substantial events captured by the investigative media about Comelec Chair Andres Bautista’s recent visit in Malacanang palace and Pastor Boy Saycon’s witnesses of the massive fraud allegedly orchestrated by the Liberal Party during the elections made them nervous. Perhaps, the reason why the very first impeachment complaint is filed against the president to get rid of Marcos’ support system. Don’t you think?