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Ferdinand Marcos’ True History is Just About to Continue through His Namesake


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Elena Grace Flores

The Marcos loyalists are hopeful that the realization of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ prophecy is about to happen in the near future. His daughter, Imee Marcos reveals; “When we were all in tears and everyone said, ‘The end is nigh, it is finished, we are dead and doomed’, he said ‘No, children. To my family and everyone, history is not done with me yet’.”

Youtube Video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Bisperas ng ika-100 kaarawan ni ex-Pres. Marcos, dinaluhan ng kanyang kaanak at Marcos loyalists.

Corruption Allegation in History was a Lie

Marcos was accused of ill-gotten wealth in billions of dollars from state coffers. Despite the government’s inability to have that much money. The anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International in 2004 named him the second most corrupt leader of all time, next to Indonesian dictator Suharto. However, no member of the Marcos clan has ever gone to prison.

Stunning Political Comeback

His son and namesake, Bongbong Marcos narrowly lost the vice presidential election in 2016. His widow Imelda Marcos sits in the House of Representatives. Daughter Imee Marcos is governor at Ilocos Norte. President Du30, a family friend, says Marcos is the country’s best-ever president. He stuns the nation last November to allow Marcos’ remains at the national “Heroes’ Cemetery.” This is despite the anti-Marcos outcry.

Wealth of Humanity Handover

Du30 also said that he considers a Marcos family proposal to start to hand over the wealth of humanity to the government. He even suggests for them to seek for immunity from prosecution in return. This proves that the President is trustworthy enough who serves for the good of the country.

True History is from FM to FM

Bongbong Marcos is definitely set for the Vice Presidency. That analysis can come out from recent developments. It is just a matter of time. Once again, another prophecy of the late President Marcos is about to happen. Ferdinand Marcos’ history just starts with him but will continue with Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. Remember that it is Du30’s hope to resign once the younger Marcos becomes his VP. The country might not only have a new VP but it is likely to have a new President.

Winter has not come for Marcos legacy – Imee

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Marcos Wealth is the Greatest Test for Senators and Congressmen’s Political Agenda


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Elena Grace Flores

Senators and Congressmen crumble over the news that the Marcoses are willing to turn over the wealth for humanity in gold bar certificates. Some are obviously playing dumb. Asking why only now? Little do they know that because of internet technology, people can already have access to digital evidence online. Hearings on the matter in the Senate were already conducted in the past. The public also knows that the late Ferdinand Marcos was rejected by the deceased former President Cory Aquino on his bid to explain about the wealth for humanity. It was more beneficial for her to spread lies – that Marcos was a thief.

YouTube Video by;  ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Lawmakers are urging the government to clarify issues about the Marcos family’s wealth before agreeing to any deal with them.

Yellow Regime Unsuccessful in Moving the Gold

Congressman Lito Atienza divulges in a press conference that during the time of the Aquino’s they tried to move the gold but they cannot. The late President Marcos made sure that the treasures will be used for the welfare of the people – even after his death.

Legal Proceedings for Wealth Movement

The deposits are under the World Bank-IMF agreement. Central Bank certification also points to the Marcos Foundation. Consent must be given by the Marcos heir and approved by Marcos’ trustee for the government to process any movement. If one of these components is missing, it remains in its current state.

The Government’s Move

The Presidential Palace’s spokesperson, Ernesto Abella announces; “We understand that certain parties indicate to the President that there may be an opportunity for the turn over of the assets from the Marcos family to the Republic,” Abella said in a statement. “As this matter becomes clearer, we will advise what further action will be taken to finally obtain justice.”

Public Service or Political Vendetta?

Senator Ping Lacson welcomes the offer for additional funds for the Treasury. Senator Koko Pimentel is the same and calls it a donation. Congressman  Edcel Lagman is more interested in its whereabouts. House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants all. Neri Colmenares insists that it is disadvantageous to negotiate because they were stolen that made the people poor. However, there’s no logic to this statement. LP supporters always accuse the Marcoses of alleged ill-gotten wealth but they always win any courts cases because of hard evidence in the past nor at present. If they really are products of Marcos’ gold trading before he became President, the government is only entitled to the taxes. The Marcoses want to give them all for as long as PCGG stops pursuing their personal wealth including pieces of pieces of jewelry and paintings of the former first lady.

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Here’s Why Imelda Marcos Cannot Steal Nor Return the Wealth for Humanity Alone


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Elena Grace Flores

The late President Ferdinand Marcos once again out smarts the Liberal Party. His vow to take care of his people even after death is about to happen. The wealth for humanity is not only documented and secured but also legally deposited. The deposits of the one million metric tons of gold cannot be moved without the unity of  The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank, Philippine Government, Marcos Heir and the trustee of the German Signatory or his heir.

YouTube Video by;  GMA News
[VIDEO]: One-on-one interview ni Mel Tianco kay dating unang ginang Imelda Marcos.

World Legality

The World Bank and IMF’s agreement on the tons of gold deposited by ex-President Marcos can never deny the fact that the wealth for humanity is real. Despite Rep. Imelda Marcos’ TV interview with Mel Tiangco a few years ago, people seem to be more fascinated with the who steals what scenario. They cannot understand the fact that the late Marcos made sure that they are secured for its purpose. In fact, World Bank-IMF safeguards them that they can be used as indicated in his will.

Local Agent

The Central Bank is also the keeper of the manifest that the wealth is secured for the welfare of Filipinos. Around 400,000 metric tons of gold is believed to be locked in the 3rd floor of the Central bank according to the latest report from the World Bank whistleblower. There were rumors that some of them are already missing during the Aquino regime. This is just a fraction of the World Bank deposits.

Right Philippine President

The Philippine government must be in partnership with the Marcos heir because as of now, Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading for the rest of the gold deposited in over 200 countries. This is the reason why the Aquinos cannot do something about it during their two consecutive presidential terms. The yellow-ran-PCGG had to loot the Marcoses’ personal assets just to accuse them of wrongdoings. The former first lady made it clear during the interview with Tiangco that they did not steal anything. In fact, they are the ones robbed.

LP must Swallow their Lies

Alleged martial law victim, Etta Rosales and the rest of the LP people keep on accusing the Marcoses of such ill-gotten wealth when the wealth for humanity is not even under the family’s name. Ferdinand Marcos was only the depositor. It is clearly stated in the agreement that the reserves are for the welfare of the people. These cannot be withdrawn in cold cash. Instead, they can serve as guarantees for the nation’s debts or funds for public service projects of the government. The late Cory Aquino snubbed this. Du30 is wise enough to take the offer. It’s about time.

Stop the Lies: No One Can Steal the Wealth for Humanity – Marcos Made Sure Of That for his Beloved Country

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Bongbong Marcos Supports the Governor in Congress as She Justifies P Imee Project


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Bongbong Marcos attends the recent Ilocos Norte excise tax hearing as Rep. Rudy Farinas grills Governor Marcos on her P Imee project. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile are also present. The governor cites Farinas’ own projects that bear his name in the past. He insists that no money there unlike the P Imee. It is allegedly not in the Annual Investment Plan. However, the engineer in charge points this out for Farinas to see in the Congress.

Rappler video from;

[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Excise Funds Hearing Live forecast shows Bongbong Marcos’ presence with former First Lady Imelda Marcos and Gov. Imee Marcos.

Annual Investment Plan

Pedro Agcaoili, chair of the bids and awards committee points out the inclusion of P Imee in the Annual Investment Plan to Farinas. It was under its full name in Filipino. “Programang Ikauunlad ng Mamamayan Ekonomiya at Ekolohiya” is often called as P Imee in Ilocos Norte. They refer to the local projects of the governor for the welfare of her constituents.

Cash Advance is not Prohibited

Governor Marcos explains that the cash advance is not illegal. The COA approved it and no suspension was ever issued because they are fully liquidated. Farinas tries to disprove this by citing different ordinances but the fact that the funds were not lost and the vehicles are fully accounted for, just irks his ego and went to another topic.

1978 Ordinance by Ferdinand Marcos

Farinas cites rule no. 39 says that there’s no cash advance allowed that is not in line with the rules and regulations. COA’s new circular said that all disbursements must be made on checks unless granted. Only confidential expenses and in a circumstance that it is impractical to pay check shall procurements can be paid in cash.

Tricky Farinas

Farinas accused Encarnacion Gaor wrongly that she has a house with a swimming pool because of Governor Marcos’ negligence of approving a huge amount of cash advance. Gaor said that she’s not the one with such lifestyle. Farinas corrects himself that it’s a lawyer’s way of triggering a resource person to give testimony against the real culprit.  She, however, justifies that the cash advance was given in staggered payments and not in bulk.

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Truth Prevails: Marcos Preserved Democracy with NO Human Rights Violations


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A Marcos loyalist is a witness to the Marcoses’ stand in Hawaii. She considers herself as a common Filipino citizen who believes in the legacy of the late Ferdinand Marcos. She acts as an emissary between Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and the Marcos couple. Cherry Cabarrubias stresses that Marcos preserves democracy to protect the country. Just like what Enrile said repeatedly.

Youtube video from; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Panayam kay Cherry Cobarrubias, dating tagapagsalita ni ex-First Lady Imelda Marcos

The Truth

She is proud to attest that claims of human rights violations against the strong man cannot stand in local courts. They strive only in the US for monetary purposes. She is not happy with students who protest against the leader without any clue about the truth. Her version is the real thing and not historical revisionism as what detractors campaign it to be.

Killings during the Marcos Regime

The killings during the Marcos regime are due to the disobedience of some people. Martial Law dictates discipline and most of the alleged victims are either conniving with the rebels or just faking their cases to make a claim for the money. It is again happening now under the current administration. The opposition accuses the President of extra-judicial killings because he has the “teeth” to punish wrong doers.

Democracy did not Die

During the Marcos martial law, democracy did not die. Hence, it was preserved to safeguard the country against invaders and terrorists. Plaza Miranda was bombed. The first family was harassed and the media was dominated by people who were inciting rebellion against the leadership of Marcos. Naturally, a great President can only defend his country and people.

The Return of Ferdinand Marcos

Bongbong Marcos who still has a vast of supporters both online and offline focuses on his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. He is winning in whichever angle. However, Robredo has one ace card left and that is to delay the protest to prevent the namesake from claiming his post in the executive office. Once he decides to run for Senator in 2019, he automatically has to withdraw from the protest. Should he continues to fight the legal battle, he might not have the chance to serve for the position at satisfactory left. That leads him to decide whether to run for VP or President during the 2022 elections.

Bongbong Marcos Urges PET to Set Preliminary Conference at Once in Response To Robredo’s Delaying Tactics