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Ex-PNoy’s Failed Presidency Did Not Escape Former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ Eyes


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Former Senator Bongbong Marcos who is likely to be Vice President soon is not happy with the performance of the previous Aquino administration. He utters “failed presidency” when the image of former President Noynoy or Benigno Simeon Aquino III flashes onscreen. Then he proceeds to compliment current President Rodrigo Du30 by calling him a leader. Bruce Springsteen and Stephen Hawking are also in the video line up.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos remembers the failed presidency of ex-Pnoy. This was when the picture of former President Noynoy Aquino flashes onscreen.

Former President Noynoy  Aquino vs. Ex-Senator Marcos

The Aquino and Marcos clans are in a family feud ever since the late Ninoy or Benigno Aquino courted now 88 years old Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, the First Lady of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. What started as a love triangle becomes a serious case of a power struggle in the country. The son of the jilted lover swears that he will do all he can to stop the return of the Marcoses to the executive position. That triggers people to think that he is the mastermind of the 2016 election anomalies that allow a neophyte to become Vice President instead of Bongbong Marcos.

President Rodrigo Du30

The current President of the country who is in alliance with the Marcoses is now a subject of the black media propaganda by the opposition. Their efforts are felt in their monopolized media and international speeches. Vice President Leni Robredo is noted for this who is the so-called political prostitute of the Liberal Party. However, it is not easy to discredit a popular president who is supported by more than 16 million Filipinos.

Bruce Springsteen

A true rocker in the real sense. This description might be short but Marcos gives it all while saying it. His body language says that he is so satisfied with Bruce Springsteen’s performance onstage or as an entertainer in the field of rock music.

Stephen Hawking

Marcos thinks that it is Stephen Hawking’s description of the event horizon around the blockhole within which the diameter of the blockhole nothing escapes including light.  That was truly a realization in people’s understanding of the universe, said the likely VP to be. Among these 4 personalities, only one got a negative review from him. So, if he gets himself into trouble, it’s only with Pnoy’s supporters.

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos Praises Jesse Robredo but Detests his Wife

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Gov. Imee Marcos: Borgy and Matthew Manotoc are Promising Politicians


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Gov. Imee Marcos said at first that she cannot bully her sons to enter politics but admits that they are promising politicians. However, she has high hopes for Matthew who is now very vocal as a member of the Provincial Board. On the other hand, she is confident that another son, Borgy is easy to trade in politics because of his good looks. Her mom, Congresswoman Imelda Marcos is now trying to convince them. Their future candidacy for public service posts is a sure ball knowing her influence to her grandchildren.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos Convinces Younger Marcoses to Run for Local Government Positions

Convincing her Sons

Imee Marcos is convincing her sons to run for politics, looking into Matthew who she sees as very vocal and loves the provincial life, and also Borgy Manotoc who she is sure will be popular in politics too.

Fernando Martin “Borgy” Marcos Manotoc

Fernando Martin Marcos Manotoc or popularly known as Borgy is the eldest son of Imee Marcos and Tommy Manotoc. He is a highly visible Bench image model and a product endorser. He does not have great looks only with his athletic physique. He’s got a brilliant mind that makes a lot of sense.

Matthew Joseph Marcos Manotoc

Like his dad, former Crispa Redmanizers coach Tommy Manotoc, Matthew Joseph Marcos Manotoc did not transition from the playing field to the political arena. He initially works in sports more behind the scenes. Matthew is a partner of an emerging sports management company that handles some of the top pro-local athletes. He did not see it coming but he is now a senior member of Ilocos Norte’s 2nd District Provincial Board. He married the daughter of Raul Manglapus, a political rival of his grandfather, the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Not Anxious to be Politicians

Matthew loves to be in sports while Borgy is not yet into politics. Nevertheless, they have the Marcos blood. They possess the charm and wit of their predecessors. Filipinos always need leaders that inspire them. Many great talents can be found in the Philippines. Having a great leader once more from this well-loved clan can only motivate the rest. Meanwhile, their uncle’s recount against Vice President Leni Robredo is about to happen on April 2, 2018. Their mother is also set to run as Senator for 2019.

Anomalies Under Du30’s Nose: BBM’s Protest & DPWH’s Deuterium Delay

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Imee Marcos on Mom: She is the Real Politician but Running in 2019 at 88?


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As Bongbong Marcos awaits the recount on April 2, Governor Imee Marcos hints that although her mother is already 88 years old, she’s still the real politician in the family. Her mother would exaggerate her age just to refuse speculations that she can still run for a government position. She would say that since she’s already a 100 years old, better give her a break, Gov. Marcos explained. Instead, she takes on the responsibility of convincing the younger members of the Marcos generation to do the job this time, the governor added.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos: Mom, Imelda Marcos is the Real Politician

Real Politician in the Marcos Family

In a one on one with Milky Rigonan from DZRH Manila, Imee discusses the issue on who will next run for local if she will have to run for national. The kids, however, don’t seem to have any interest in politics. Imee was then asked if her mom, Cong. Imelda Marcos will run for the next election. She tells Milky, that her mom would say that she is already too old. But Gov. Imee comments that her mom is still the real politician in the family.

Riding on her Popularity

The House committee recently approved the issuance of a subpoena to compel Gov. Marcos and 6 officials from the province to testify before the committee that is probing into the province’s use of tobacco excise tax and the “tangible benefits” it gave to tobacco farmers in the area. The resolution was filed by the progressive Makabayan bloc in the House. Such move is obviously an attempt to ride on her surging popularity.

Ilocos 6 Reappearance

The 6 officials who are also served with a subpoena include Eden Battulayan, Pedro Agcaoili, Evangeline Tabulog, Josephine Calajate, Encarnacion Gaor, and Genedine Jambaro. The committee wants Marcos and the 6 officials to appear before them and testify during the next hearing scheduled on May 21, 2018.

Self-destruction is Becoming a Trend

Meanwhile, VP Leni Robredo says in an interview that the attacks that she receives mostly come from a well-oiled infrastructure. They are not from real people. She comments that her small percentage of real people is not enough defending her. It is hard to keep up with her attackers who employ those expensive setups, she said. These words of the VP went viral over social media but to her disadvantage. Perhaps, other lawmakers who try to discredit Marcos would want to taste Robredo’s own bitter medicine.

Social Media and ICC Views: Some Filipinos Never Thought that VP Robredo is This Stupid

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Atty. Liza Araneta, Former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ Wife NOT Keen on First Lady Duties

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Atty. Liza Araneta Marcos, former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ wife speaks how she is in sync with her husband. He lets her do the things she loves like her law practice, teaching, doing livelihood projects and, organizing the poll watchers whenever it’s election time. Liza said that Bong, as she calls him, doesn’t try to mold her into being someone she’s not. Although she doesn’t mind dealing with the pressures that come with being a politician’s wife, she’s really a private person, Bongbong Marcos said. As always, she’s been very supportive doing the backseat role and help Marcos behind the scenes which are far from the duties of a first lady if ever. Liza and Bongbong have three sons— Sandro, Simon, and Vincent.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: For the first time, Bongbong Marcos was able to convince his wife to attend a social event with him. They were invited to attend the 100th Independence Day of Estonia.

Nature of Bongbong Marcos

The couple met in the US when Bongbong’s mother was acquitted in the New York case. Everyone expects him to return to San Francisco after the trial. But he opted to remain in New York and he and Liza began hanging out. Liza shares, “I met Bong at a very critical time in his life. His family had just been exiled … they had the trial to contend with … it was a difficult time for him and his family. What struck me most about Bong was that he took all of this in stride. There was never any animosity in him. He’s really a good person. If I had to go through what he went through, I’d probably be bitter and angry at all those dishonest people but not him. He was kind even to those who betrayed his family the most.

Molding the First Lady

Perhaps Bongbong learned from his parents’ experience. At 36 years old as a Congressman, the former President Ferdinand Marcos is already living a public servant’s life. This took a toll on Imelda’s preferred quiet lifestyle. Her soon to be President spouse wants her to be the perfect politician’s wife. He left her with books to read and memorize. As soon as he comes back from work, she would recite what she learned from them. However, when she can’t take the pressure anymore, she had the best psychiatric help in the US. He is even willing to give up everything if that would make her better.

Senator and Congressman Bets

Currently, the March 19 recount forBongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo already has a new date on April 2. However, the PET assures him that the recount pushes through on April 2 regardless of the number of revisors. The former Senator through his lawyer urges the people to be calm and give the Supreme Court a chance. Although, the family is also preparing for a backup plan. His sister Gov. Imee Marcos continues has no choice but to run for Senator in 2019. His son Sandro Marcos is also a popular Congressman bet. In fact, he already has a group of supporters who advocate in urging him to run this early.

The charm that Touches Hearts

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos confirms that the family talks about other members of the family to run for the national elections due to the uncertainties surrounding her brother’s VP election protest. She acknowledges that she is one major bet for the upcoming Senatorial race in 2019. Gov. Imee also hints that other members of the family may follow suit. Luckily like her,  Sandro, Simon, and Vincent have the charm that touches hearts. In a way, Liza certainly has a big role to play in the Marcoses’ coming back to power.

Serendipity in the Big Apple

Marcos-Aquino Feud: Bongbong Marcos’ Renewed Popularity is Caused by ex-Pnoy’s Incompetence

Two Other Sons of Bongbong Marcos Join in Sandro’s Support to Father’s VP Protest


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Gov. Imee Marcos Reminds People of her Father’s Heroism: ‘History is not Done with me Yet’


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Cheap headlines like “Bongbong, Imee Marcos slammed for gatecrashing, ‘politicking’ Panagbenga Festival” is no match for the true character of the Marcoses. The former First Lady and Congresswoman Imelda Marcos can’t be smitten by a fake figure. The late President Ferdinand Marcos is simply a war hero. His daughter, Gov. Imee can only relay his heroic nature. He said to them upon landing in Hawaii in 1986: ‘history is not done with me yet.’ He accepts to suffer from all the wrong accusations. The truth can free them all. His children will continue their story because of his good seed.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores


The former first lady Imelda Marcos would not be attracted to the late President Ferdinand Marcos if he was not a real war hero.

The North Remembers Speech

Gov. Imee of Ilocos Norte laces her speech with references to the Game of Thrones saga. It tells the story of noble families vying for the Iron Throne. “Indeed, if the North remembers, winter has not come yet for the legacy of FM,” she said, using her father’s initials. She compares her family to the northern House Stark, whose upright and honorable head Eddard Stark was executed by the vicious young King Joffrey.

Power Lady

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos is busy on tours. She is one popular topic in social media. Pro-administration bloggers back her up. The power lady definitely prepares for the Senatorial race in 2019. She has an obvious alliance with President Rodrigo Du30. There’s no measure for her support to brother Bongbong’s electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. She admits that due to its slow progress, next in line to run in a national level is her.

Fake News No More

The Filipino people just have enough of fake news. The last 30 years after the 1986 EDSA revolution are proofs that the detractors of the Marcoses are not for nation building. They do not prioritize public service just like the Marcoses. This is why President Du30 won a landslide during the last elections. Filipinos are fed up with the incompetence of the two Aquino Presidents.

The Tide is Turning Back

The supporters of the Marcoses are vigilant in the upcoming March 19 recount. The Supreme Court silences both camps with a gag order. This is why individuals are taking their sides via Facebook most of the time. The yellow supporters even bash personal posts in favor of Bongbong Marcos using mostly fake accounts. However, they should understand how digital marketing works where passion and truthfulness count. This is the reason why Marcos is back on top.

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