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Prime Minister Abe is No Coward: Japan P.M. Insists to Visit Duterte in Mindanao


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is a sad thing that many foreign tourists to the Philippines retreat when they hear the name Mindanao. Although there are cases of terrorism crimes that happen in remote islands of Mindanao near Malaysia (just like in any countries), it is unfair to conclude that the whole Mindanao is unsafe. Only cowards believe that. They should be ashamed of the brave Prime Minister Abe and his wife.

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[VIDEO]: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party arrived on board the Japanese Air Force One at the Davao airport.

Visit Duterte at his House in Davao

Among the many businesses and social agenda of the Prime Minister’s Philippine visit, the organizing committee complies with the request of P.M. Abe to visit President Duterte at his house in Davao City. He is welcomed warmly by the locals through their Filipino cultural dance. Abe experienced the real Filipino hospitality and not the Americanized version which is second to none.

First Invitee to Accept the President’s Invite

Abe is the first head of state to accept Duterte’s invitation to visit the Philippines. Duterte has also invited, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Will they visit Mindanao as well?

Japanese P.M.’s Itinerary

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s January 12 to 13 and visit include Manila and Davao City stops. His delegation is treated to a state dinner and lunch by the Philippine government. He meets with business groups in both cities.

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Changing the Mindanao Mindset

Big business tycoons are already investing in Sulu which is noted in media news regarding insurgencies. Successful players are continuously progressing because there’s not much competition. The workforce is reliable and the supply of natural resources are abundant. The places are beautiful, away from pollution and safe for those brave enough to set aside exaggerated media reports. This incident made many Filipinos proud, just like during the Marcos regime.